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We are pleased to offer their users discounts, which defines the user, using a virtually unlimited possibilities in our program.

To implement discounts on discount cards, discount cards percentage value should be "0"

Discount determined by the structure that lets you choose arbitrary object - product discount card, check (amount) ... system and conditions , which laid the conditions and values are. Conditions in the discount can be any number of user-defined.

Types of discounts

  • Bonuses are single - single action, the amount or percentage discount with numerical identifier (EAN13), allows the buyer to address a specific single discount (bonus). Used primarily for discount clubs with the accumulation of the purchase amount.
  • Discounts discount card (dynamic) - System conditions are at a certain discount card that gives you a discount depending on the purchase amount. To bind using barcode discount card.
  • Discount product (to count, time) - conditions are offered for sale in the selected item, depending on the amount and / or time of purchase. Identification takes place by barcode (can be internal codes) product.
  • Discount of (check) - analogy discounts on aggregate sales in previous versions, enriched with new features.
  • Cumulative discount on discount cards, the main difference from the "dynamic" - allows you to set the conditions under which the discount will accumulate and grow automatically.
  • Special price for the commodity-allows you to set a fixed price for the commodity. Demand function in pharmacy chains, to calculate reimbursement amounts for holiday recipes (like this).

System conditions are

This set of user-defined rules, which will be carried out (calculated) discount. These conditions can be an arbitrary number, which will organize the complex dynamic discount. The program analyzes a set of rules, chooses the appropriate meaning and offers a discount to the buyer. Rules (conditions) are characterized by the following values:

  • Start date: the date on which the discount;
  • End Date: The date on which the discount;
  • Time with (is hh.mm) by (is hh.mm) the time interval of the discount;
  • Day: day of the week (VS.-SB.) or daily ("---") conditions are
  • Sale, condition and value of the condition: for convenience merged into a single line. Where the first value that analyze or number value terms, which defines the type of comparison operators (- no, nothing vaguely;> more; => greater than or equal,

This structure allows you to implement complex dynamic discounts over time with a variety of conditions are tied to certain goods or discount cards, grant bonuses to customers organize all kinds Promotion-shares.

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