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For accounting balances Item must be enabled to "Keep track of the remnants of goods", and the program captures all the facts of income and expenditure item in a special register.

Write-off amount of goods from the register is automatic after payment receipt. To display the fact the arrival of the goods must enter the "check the parish." This operation must be specified quantity of goods in the register. Sum of joining displayed in retail prices.

To begin you must enter the account balances all the goods in the store. Thereafter, for the correct display of residues required to enter each parish goods (vendor invoice).

Приход товара

Before entering the invoice will be asked to "Enter the name of the parish," you can enter a number, for example a credit provider, supplier name. After entering the invoice number you can set the product.

Enter product produced by the standard method (scanner or search in the directory products). For items that are not in the price list, click [Insert]> New art. ? fill card Item ? Enter ? enter the number ? Enter. If necessary, change the retail price, highlight the desired item and press [F10] or "Change Price" menu "The arrival of goods", we introduce a new price ? Enter. To finish entering the goods must press Space.

WARNING. After recording the note, you can not edit it.

Print arrival check by clicking on the button "copy check." Cheques must be stored in a magazine sales.


  •   Available function "to postpone the check." If necessary, switch to the sale may be postponed arrival check and then return (as well as when entering the sales receipt).

  •   Condition and appearance of the check can be seen in the lower left corner of the program.

  •   The top line shows the information highlighted in the table portion of the product and its current balance.

  •   Function of arrival of goods available after entering the administrator password.

Keeping records of residues does not require any additional action. Write-off of goods occurs when making the purchase (sales receipt), posting via check arrival, as described in the previous section. To view the remnants of the goods in the store in the "Tools" provided a report on the balance.

It should be noted that this report provides data on the current moment. In addition, the report can be printed or saved to a file for further processing in Excel. In the settings you can activate the "prohibit negative balances" then sell the product that is not on the remains, it will be impossible.

Separately, a "print." Since «CashFront» cash program, then you probably have a printer installed and checks invoice is printed as a check. If you want to bill printed in the usual format, on an ordinary printer, you need to program settings in the section «ESC / POS Printer", select the type of line with the goods - in one line (for the page table. Hooded.). Print invoice, return after setting the initial state (a kind line with the goods - in two rows for a narrow strip).

Keeping records on multiple computers.

If you have several offices in the store, you can merge them into the system, with common part numbers, discounts, and the table remains.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Combine all the computers in the network.
  2. Set on each CashFront.
  3. Determine which machine is "server".
  4. Define a shared folder on the server for data.
  5. On other computers, you must install the Directory Synchronization (shared folder on the server).
  6. The system is now ready for operation.

Adding an additional cash places: Install CashFront, Define directory synchronization (shared folder on the server) Done!

Server Requirements. To ensure continuous reliable operation, it is desirable to consider a few things: The server must be enabled for the entire period of the store. Server must always be equipped with an uninterruptible power supply. The file is stored goods.bin remnants of goods, in order to reset the registry product residues simply delete this file, while CashFront should be closed.

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