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The program has a mode inventory , which allows to verify the actual product residues with residues in the program and make corrections if necessary.

Also provides print and save the results to a file inventory . Before the inventory is recommended to conduct the necessary training ( close all sale items and prepare to make Z-report with zeroing ) . Inventory can be complete or custom . Selective inventory provided for selective adjustment of residues (eg write-offs of expired goods ) .

To begin the inventory you need to go to Menu> Tools> Inventory (complete or custom).

After pressing the menu button will populate the table remains goods, and added a new column "fakt.kvo", which will show the actual amount of goods. To move to the desired position, you can use the scanner to search for products, internal code, name, up and down arrows.

To activate the input actual number, after the necessary goods is found, the standard procedure for goods entering [*], when searching for the amount of input from the scanner will be called automatically. At the same time displays the calculator already recruited documentary quantity of this product, we make the actual number of> ENTER.


  • When the inventory is impossible to introduce a new product to change the prices and to conduct the sale.
  • Inventory can be activated on several jobs, you will need to avoid falling into the same products on the table, after such inventory (multiple jobs) results should be treated separately, the general result is the addition of all the results.
  • If you accidentally turned off or closing the program inventory table is loaded when you open the program. Saving table occurs after each input fact. amount.

Closing inventory.

Before ending inventory (finished goods entering into the table) you want to save or print the results of the inventory.

To do this, follow these steps: press the spacebar or click «[Spase]> Print Inv.» ? click on the report form, "print" and / or "save", then click "close". After these operations, button becomes available «[F3]> Complete inventory."

To exit the inventory balances and adjustments must click «[F3]> End Inv.". If the inventory is held on multiple computers, you need to consistently execute completion of inventory on all computers. Check inventory adjustment result can be seen in the magazine. 

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