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CashFront settings allow you to set the main cashier's interface and a single window on the cash machine.

When the computer is immediately loaded CashFront, and other commands ("Start", Ctrl + Alt + Delete, Windows) available at the output of CashFront off the computer. How it works: cashier turned on the computer, worked, shut down the computer, and any changes in the program settings can make a responsible worker, an administrator who knows the password to enter the settings.

Interface cashier drawn so that all functionality CashFront displayed on it.

On the right side of the window control buttons see features they signed a concise description of the function name and the corresponding key on the keyboard (you can work as a mouse, and without it). Interactive buttons, ie they change their name and function, depending on the operation, which is performed at the moment and depends on the state of the check and program settings, for example, the button "+ discount" will not be available if your program is not allowed to enter the cashier discounts.

Besides using technology Touchscreen, the program is fully adapted for use on touch screens. Thus training is minimized, tried a couple of times and start working. The search function on the product name in the entry line: for example, if you enter the word "blades" in the input line of code displays a list of items that have the word in the name. Then possible to select the desired item from the list in check. 

In the menu there is a button "search", this form is useful for viewing information about the product.

In the "Current status check" define the status of the check (open, closed, delayed). New check is created automatically when you enter the product code or a discount card.

The program can quickly calculate the quantity of the goods, ie to sell a product "piece", for example, to sell one or more pieces of product packaging.

Button with a picture of a keyboard-screen keyboard opens, and you can enter a product code, and product name.

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convenient interface of the cash program CashFront- front-office of the cashier, simple and intuitive interface, simple work of the cashier


Software development for trade;
Supply of computer equipment with installed software;
Control and accounting systems: scales, bar code scanners, check printers and other commercial equipment.


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