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The diagram shows the connection of the equipment for the organization of the workplace cashier.


  • Computer (can be normal household, preferably via a block Connection of uninterruptible power supply or UPS)
  • Barcode scanner can be any interface, USB is recommended
  • Registrars may be one or two (non-fiscal ESC / POS printers and fiscal)
  • As a non-fiscal registrar Can be used any printer
  • When using ESC / POS printer may Connection of the cash drawer (specify when purchasing)
  • Commercial scales
  • Filling scales or scales Self
  • File server, and additional cash
  • Internet

Due to the fact that the computer performs the role of cash, and if you want to connect additional equipment, scales, monitor buyer, reader loyalty cards, etc. The only requirement for this is a sufficient number of USB, COM-ports.

The program is available through the connection of electronic scales OLE components supplied weighing equipment.

The program supports two types of weights:

  • Commercial scales with RS232 interface for mass weight values for the number of goods (Article) at the time of his choice from the search form at the moment of entering the code in the main form. 
  • Filling scales or scales with label printing interface LAN/RS232. Programming table for the item (PLU) in the weights. Realized gross weight of goods unloading tables, automatic change in the balance of the table with changes in the price, a report on the programmed table items in the balance.

Connecting and setting weights made in the Options dialog, tab "Libra".

  • The bundled software is only available file DIGI-DS-788.bvs and OLE-Comp DS788.dll, which serve as an example for the reading of scales DIGI-DS-788 mass product. Packing for sharing with weights is a file BAR PRINT.vbs this file will work with weights brand BAR-M, when installed OLE - Driver weights "Barcode Print" which can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website. In the script file is a more detailed description of their work, on the basis of these files, you can create a script to connect any type of scales. These files are located in: C \ Program Files (x86) \ CashFront \ SCRIPT \

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trade equipment cash register plug-in, scales, scanners, printers


Software development for trade;
Supply of computer equipment with installed software;
Control and accounting systems: scales, bar code scanners, check printers and other commercial equipment.


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