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Software "SashFront: front office cashier" is a modern POS-system designed to automate operations selling products using bar coding, c quick search for article by the internal codes, or name.

Used in retail and service sectors, to quickly enter cash sales documents and accumulation of sales data on a cash or equipment without it.

  • Functionality

The product is designed to automate the trading process in real time, with the emphasis on maximum user experience. Simultaneously, the program has high speed and enough functionality to meet the broad needs of our customers. The program uses all the latest technology for the storage and transmission of data to ensure the stability and reliability of the cash program SashFront.

  • Support for multiple devices

Fiscal and non-fiscal (ESC/POS- printers, check printers and fiscal registers, bar code scanners with RS232 interface) will allow you to choose the best option of additional equipment, the maximum use of available devices. Cash program does not impose nor any specific requirements to the computer and does not require any additional components, such as 1C or SQL, which makes the installation and operation SashFront understandable and accessible.

  • Self-sufficiency of the product

Autonomy will provide you with the required level of automation of retail outlets, using all the modern trends in this area: the discount club organization, taking into account the trade and control of residual product.

  • Scalable solutions

SashFront allows to integrate and quickly connect additional jobs in the same system, without interrupting the process of trading. Interoperability with 1C: Enterprise will create a software package, with the most powerful commodity accounting functions.

  • Communication via the Internet

Implements the management of remote stores from one office.

  • Simultaneous use

Fiscal register and POS-printer will allow to carry out the sale at one workplace from different companies, such as company for VAT (fiscal registrar) and the private entrepreneur (receipt printer). Depending on the feature article sales recorded in different registrars. This allows significant savings in equipment, rational use of floor space, and reduce personnel costs.

  • Built-in reports

Give full information on all transactions, import reports in MS Excel will make every possible analyzes sales. Cash program SashFront uses authentication mechanisms to protect the configuration functions, and supports Windows encryption mechanisms.

  • Supports a variety of discount systems

Provide you with additional motivation buyers give opportunity disco club, which ultimately will provide additional income.

  • Reliability

Reliable application - is an application that works exactly as intended. CashFront uses a wide range of treatments for exceptions in order to make the application more predictable and manageable for end users (or diagnose if it is not). CashFront basic principle is that the system and applications "just works". Users need applications that are stable and easy to install and use.

  • Stable application

Is an application that runs without lockups, crashes and reboots. Lack of complex mechanisms for accessing data and productive platform Microsoft. NET Framework provide this quality for CashFront. Using the direct input -output data to the hard drive allow us to make almost instantaneous operation transactions , on the one hand provides high-speed applications in real time, and data integrity in the event of unforeseen circumstances (such as a network failure , power outage , etc.) on the other hand . Processing external OLE/ActiveX- objects ( plug-ins commercial equipment ) in a separate , isolated process guarantee the stability of the program in case of errors in these objects . For example, the failure of the cash registrar does not cause a program to hang , CashFront or " attention " is waiting for troubleshooting and can then continue to work with the very place where the failure occurred or continues to work without the receptionist if it is allowed.

  • Protection

Built-in mechanisms to restrict access to configure the functions of the OS ( operating system) , protecting the system from outside interference , and providing the ability to configure the system administrators ( administrator login password protected ) . Limited access to the OS involves downloading programs CashFront as an executable Windows shell at startup and shutdown your computer when the program exits . Only the administrator can enable / disable input discounts deleting rows of checks, changing commodity prices , to enable / disable the other functions of the program. To ensure that no unfair fixation of staff provided all operations in a special log file.

Any enterprise system must be secure, reliable, scalable and affordable. CashFront meets these requirements through the use of the platform Microsoft. NET Framework, and a simple file server architecture running CashFront.

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Software development for trade;
Supply of computer equipment with installed software;
Control and accounting systems: scales, bar code scanners, check printers and other commercial equipment.


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