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The CashFront-small business program operates in two modes:

CashFront- small business CE - version of Compact Edition for use with a local database in exclusive on-line mode.

CashFront-small business SQL - to work with a common database in off-line mode (connection to the database is established as necessary to update the data).

Term of the license

The license for using the program is unlimited and does not require additional fees, it affects the device (computer) on which it is installed, regardless of the mode of use. Updates of CashFront programs within the release are free, transition to a new release (for example: from version 1.x.x.x on 2.x.x.x) 50% of the cost of the program at the time of transition. The fee for switching to a new release is due to the fact that the new release is a qualitatively new program.

Cost of the program

2 900,00 ₴ is the CashFront-small business price for one job. When you buy from three licenses, you get a 20% discount. The cost of the program includes remote installation and initial setup. 

To ensure the work of CashFront-small business in multi-user mode with a SQL database, you need installed Microsoft SQL Server. You can order a service to install and configure MS SQL Express server, installation cost: 1 350,00 ₴.

Additional services

Connection of additional equipment, for each piece of equipment: 1 350,00 ₴. List of equipment that is included in the paid service:

  • Fiscal Registrars
  • Banking terminals
  • Commercial scales with label printing
Test period

The program CASHFRONT, functioning in the test mode has no limitations and allows you to perform all the settings and completely test all possible uses.

The trial period is 30 days, after which it will be necessary either to purchase a license or to delete the program.

To switch to full-featured work, it's enough to activate the license. The database and settings are saved completely.

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Software development for trade;
Supply of computer equipment with installed software;
Control and accounting systems: scales, bar code scanners, check printers and other commercial equipment.


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