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The accounting program "CashFront - small business" is designed to keep track of sales and services in stores, cafes, fast foods, pharmacies and other areas of small business.
The program provides settlements with buyers and suppliers. To account for wholesale trade, wholesale prices and the possibility of using other currencies are provided.

Maintaining product balances in several warehouses, taking into account the different types of prices for them (retail at the store, wholesale prices at the warehouse).
The program provides an opportunity to maintain customer loyalty through the formation of a wide range of discounts, promotions and bonuses.

There is a flexible system for the formation of various discounts and shares. Reports, catalogs, journals, everything is done with the most accessible interface and convenient functionality. This all in the amount will simplify the conduct of business, relieve of the unnecessary hassle associated with taking into account the activities, will help attract additional customers.
The program has the ability to add users and share the rights and interfaces. The program settings allow you to limit the rights of users to information related to the supply of goods and counterparts. Open source code in the part related to commercial equipment does not limit the selection and connection of additional equipment. Additional user settings contain options for automating the work process, for example, automatically opening or closing a sales receipt, etc. Direct recording of operations to the database will eliminate the loss of data related to power outages or malfunctions.


The product is designed to automate the process of trading in real time, while the emphasis is on the maximum user experience, which allows you to quickly serve your customers. Strict binding of all your equipment (printers, scanners, cash registers, scales, etc.) to the computer, to the user, gives you the opportunity to clearly delineate the functional duties of your staff.
For example: if you do not give the right to the manager to receive payment on the waybill (the cashier does this), his "Payment" button will not be active, and he will not be able to "pay" the invoice.

Multiple device support

The program supports any type of commercial equipment, known at the moment. These are fiscal registrars, any POS printers, conventional printers, bar code scanners, electronic trading scales with label printing and direct weight transfer to the program. Including work with bank terminals accepting payments from plastic cards. What will give you the opportunity to choose the best option for additional equipment, make maximum use of available devices.

Import / Export, exchange of data

The program provides the requested functionality for importing / exporting the reference books of goods and counterparts into a standard xml file. With its help, you can easily exchange product catalogs, upload it to your site without any problems, etc. With the help of data exchange, you can organize the joint work of the territorially remote units of your company (to unload sales from the store to the office).

Accounting for several companies

In the program it is possible to keep records at several companies, for this purpose several warehouses and cash registers are created and are attached in the settings to the employees of a particular firm, this is if the catalogs of goods and customers are the same for both firms. Otherwise, you can create one, two, or as many databases as you like, and just select the one you want when you log in.

Data exchange via the Internet

Implements management of remote stores from one office.


Simultaneous use of a fiscal registrar and a POS printer will make it possible to sell at one work place from different companies, for example, a VAT payer (a fiscal registrar) and a private entrepreneur (receipt printer). Depending on the feature of the article, sales are recorded in different registrars. This allows you to save considerably on equipment, use the area of the trading floor rationally, and reduce the cost of maintaining staff.

Built-in reports

Will give full information about all transactions - the movement of goods and money on accounts, mutual settlements with counterparties. And the documents in the reports are active, clicking on the document, we will open it and we will be able to look in detail.

Support for a variety of discount systems

The discount can be given on the goods, or to the customer, or a simple discount right in the sales document. For customers, the bonus system can be configured. This way you will be able to provide additional motivation for customers, organize a discount club, which in the end will give an additional profit.

Safety and reliability

Built-in configuration mechanisms allow you to restrict access to OS functions (operating system), protecting the system from outside interference and providing the ability to configure the system - administrators (administrator login is password protected). Only the administrator can enable / disable the entry of discounts, delete lines from checks, change prices for goods, enable / disable other functions of the program. To ensure the prevention of unfair work of the staff, all operations in a special log file are fixed. Thanks to the use of Microsoft SQL Server, which CashFront runs on, access to the database is reliable and secure.

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Software development for trade;
Supply of computer equipment with installed software;
Control and accounting systems: scales, bar code scanners, check printers and other commercial equipment.


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