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Friday, 30 March 2018 10:32

Soon! New program "CASHFRONT"!

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The program "CASHFRONT-small business" passes, the last stages of testing and will soon be a public beta version of the program.

A little announcement about the new program.

CASHFRONT- small business- is an accounting program for small businesses, which maintains a complete trade record of your enterprise. Can be successfully used by both shops and trading companies.

The settings of the program allow you to use it as accounting and cash, and for network use you have the opportunity to configure the program depending on the purposes of use, each computer will perform its function (cash register - cash desk, manager's workplace - wholesale).

CASHFRONT-small business is a modern program that can work with any trading equipment, including demanded banking terminals.

The program keeps records of balances of goods and their movements, accounting and cash flow, accounting of mutual settlements with buyers and suppliers. And all this for several warehouses, firms and currencies, there are no restrictions (well, except for expediency).

Import / Export of product directories, unloading / downloading sales and arrivals is no longer a whim but a necessity, and it is taken into account in CASHFRONT-small business. And if you have a website, then unload the goods there in the standard file.xml is no longer a problem.

Many pleasant "little things" like:

- Drag-and-drop  - a way to operate the elements of the interface with a "mouse" or touch screen. You have to transfer the goods to another group - just grab it with the mouse and drag it to where you want it.

- fully customizable printed forms of all documents that are in the system! You can create your unique printed invoice form, with your logo, with your font, inclination, underlining, greeting, gratitude, etc.

- document the order to the supplier. Make an order in the program, you see your balances, and it's easy to find out what you need to order, send one button to the supplier on e-mail, when the goods arrive, on the basis of the order makes a waybill.

The program is multilanguage, built-in languages ​​- Ukrainian, Russian, English. It is possible to make a translation into any other language.

And many other things I will write about later.

Watch the news, and you do not miss the release of the new program "CASHFRONT-small business

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