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Friday, 18 May 2018 13:57

The program "CASHFRONT-small business"

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We are pleased to offer all our customers and future customers a new product for business automation: "CASHFRONT-small business"!

In the new program we implemented the wishes of users and administrators of the previous product "CASHFRONT-front-office cashier", which could not be done by updating the program. This allowed to bring the product to a new level of accounting capabilities, namely:

  • Determine the profit of goods, automatically calculate retail and wholesale prices
  • Keep records of settlements with suppliers and customers
  • Implement a modern system of customer rewards through bonuses and certificates
  • Use bank terminals for making non-cash payments
  • Configure user interfaces with required functionality
  • Simplify inventory operations and product reordering changes
  • Order and calculate the necessary quantity of goods from the supplier
  • Add advanced properties (categories) to products and counterparts
  • Connect workstations to a common database

"CASHFRONT-small business" is a completely new product that has collected all our experience of implementing sales automation for 14 years.

The program saves the data in MS SQL or MS SQL CE depending on the selected installation mode. When used with a common database (MS SQL), it synchronizes the data in real time. Additional tools will help administrators to issue printed documents in a corporate style, perform export operations - import goods and clients, save settings in xml files, and use them in the following program settings.

The multilingual interface can be set to any language, and also to change the labels in the buttons and menus. Also, all functionality was preserved from the previous program "CASHFRONT-front office cashier", including support for joint work programs, when "CASHFRONT-small business" acts as the leading program (BACK OFFICE). This will allow customers to improve their accounting by adding to the existing solution a new program called "CASHFRONT-small business".

Thank you to everyone who helped us with our comments to create a new product!

We have applied new licensing terms for the "CASHFRONT-small business" program.

It runs for free 30 days from the date of the last installation and has no limitations on the functionality. After this period, you can reinstall the product to get another 30 days of work, or order a license. The data is completely saved after reinstallation.

Successful business to you!

Your team CASHFRONT.

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