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Thursday, 10 October 2013 00:00

Update version of the program "CashFront"

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Changes in "CashFront" of version from a 10.10.2013 g.

  • Support of fiscal recorders of MINI FP06, is added used FOR included in supplying with the vehicle : of "OLE-сервер of fiscal printer of МIНI-ФП6".
  • Procedure of count of price is corrected in arrival of commodity.
A choice of recorder Мини-ФП6 is in the program setting:

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  • Cash operations Cash operations

    The cashier at the beginning and end of the shift should conduct standard cash transactions (money transfer, issue, X-report, Z-report). They are available in the Operations menu.

  • Taxes Taxes

    We fix the taxes. Handbook Taxes are intended for the correct operation of the program with fiscal registrars.

  • Update for "Exellio"
    in News
    Update for "Exellio"

    The logic of the excise duty with the data devices is different from the logic of other units, as this unit does not support the additional charges (double tax). To calculate the excise duty at the rate of programmed articles "M". Under the rate "M" means an additional fee rate.

  • Added driver
    in News
    Added driver

    In the division of loading added driver for ФР МІНІ-T и МІНІ-ФП.

  • Setting up printing on fiscal printers "Shtrih-M" Setting up printing on fiscal printers "Shtrih-M"


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