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CashFront - small business
21 July 2021 15:59
CashFront - сash program
26 October 2016 16:44

CashFront- small business

The installation files of the program "CashFront- small business".

CashFront - small business
18 March 2021
Karutsenko S.O.
6126 x
File Size:
16.14 MB


  • Added a field to the product card: UKT VED code (Ukrainian classification of goods for foreign economic activity);
  • Changed the formation of a file for the fiscal registrar;
  • If the UKT FEA is filled in for the goods, then the value "code_uktzed # product_name" is transmitted;
  • The process of loading and updating the database has been optimized.
Version History



  • Added a field to the product card: UKT VED code (Ukrainian classification of goods for foreign economic activity);
  • Changed the formation of a file for the fiscal registrar;
  • If the UKT FEA is filled in for the goods, then the value "code_uktzed # product_name" is transmitted;
  • The process of loading and updating the database has been optimized.



  • Changed the design of the program;
  • For localization under the cafe, a table card designer has been added and the output of the customer’s choice to the table map has been redirected. Elements in the table map are defined in the user settings with permissions for groups of clients;
  • The name of the constant has been changed from "MENU SELECTION MODE" to "RESTAURANT MODE";
  • The "LOCALIZATION" setting has been added for the user; now it is possible for each user to create or select a separate localization.


  • Optimized the interface for the touch monitor;
  • Added product pictures to the quick entry form for a cafe / restaurant;
  • Added filter by product properties to the print of the SALE document.


  • Option to select the price of the remaining goods is added to the convolution;
  • Detected bugs fixed.


  • If the fiscal registrar prints an error, an entry is made in the UNFIXED database;
  • Added additional filters to the sales report (client, user, registrar, payment);
  • Optimized report output in the table;
  • Fixed detected problems.


Changes in the database manager:

  • database cropping feature added;
  • added database merge function (for data migration to ms sql server);
  • fixed detected problems.


  • An option has been added in the settings, data import - "DO NOT CARRY ACCOUNTS".
    If this option is selected, the imported documents will not have cash register movements, the client will be set to "My Company", i.e. only the movement of goods will be reflected.
  • An option has been added in the settings, data import - "CARRY OUT IMPORT ON REQUIREMENT".
    This option disables secondary streams of automatic data updating (import of sales from the cash desk), import is launched from the menu "SERVICE> DATA UPDATE". This feature allows you to offload computer resources; it is recommended for computers of earlier releases.


  • fixed problems with deleting many positions in operations (several positions are highlighted);
  • redrawing the summary line in reports has been improved;
  • fixed bug with filling inventory (when selecting all items);
  • localization of the initial filling of the database;
  • the filling of templates from the templates.xml file is implemented during the initial filling of the database;
  • optimized procedure for rewriting the logon.ini file.


  • fixed problems with import / export files;
  • redesigned summary line in reports;
  • the procedure for deleting operations has been changed; when several operations for deleting are selected, the delete request is called once for all marked positions.


Redesigned certificate system:
- the certificate does not belong to a specific client;
- certificate, possibly defined as a product with a share of the accrual of 100% of the value of the goods certificate;
- certificate, possibly tied to a specific product (stock);
- The identifier (barcode) of the certificate is generated when the certificate is sold;
- The identifier (barcode) contains the 44-digit unique barcode EAN128C.
Bonus system: the function of writing off bonuses when returning part of the goods.
Sales of goods using a registrar:
- if the registrar has a warehouse other than the default warehouse, the implementation is carried out at the registrar warehouse;
- Added option to ignore logger errors (do not return the check to its original state).
Export Sales:
A check (sale transaction) is exported at the time of check closure, for previously saved checks, whenever the check is changed, regardless of whether it was paid or fixed.
Fixed other errors found.


  1. Fixed a bug in the reports on the conversion of transactions from another currency;
  2. Added the ability to select a currency in the report;
  3. Added a constant for the formation of a product code (service, setting, basic constants);
  4. Added a constant to form the client code (service, setup, base constants);
  5. Improved product search function when importing sales from the CashFront cash program - front cashier office v.3.5;
  6. Improved the function of exporting goods to the cash program CashFront - front cashier office v.3.5.


  1. Added setting price by percentage or adding value;
  2. Fixed a bug in reports when converting from another currency;
  3. Fixed a bug when changing the date in PKO and RKO;
  4. Optimized uploading files to other programs;


  1. Fixed: error when importing returns from CashFront v.3.5 cash program;
  2. Optimized the functions of receiving goods residues;
  3. Improved UPC format barcode recognition;
  4. Improved barcode search in the product catalog;
  5. In the catalog, the column with the internal code is hidden by default, but to display the column, you can turn it on / off in the "REFRACT ITEM CODE IN COLLECTION" user settings;
  6. Improved display of notifications to the user in the main panel.


  1. A new option has been added to the product report: product search by barcode;
  2. The product catalog displays all prices for which the user has permissions. If necessary, prices can be hidden from the "view" menu;
  3. A user with administrator rights, it is possible to disable unnecessary options (for example, hide the wholesale price);
  4. In the update price dialog, the column "balance of goods" was added;
  5. In the application filling dialog, a filter has been added by the properties of the product;
  6. Fixed detected errors.


  1. Fixed bug when importing xml files;
  2. Fixed the problem with the display of the amount in terms of another currency;
  3. Improved sales report, added information about the return;
  4. Changed the display of currency exchange rates in the catalog; the constant "national currency" is used to switch the display mode of the forward / reverse exchange rate.



  1. Fixed a bug in the Sales report, in the place of the amount the amount was displayed. After sorting, the goods were mistakenly identified in the transcript of the “Goods movement” report;
  2. Amendments to the processing of the request from the scales;
  3. A line with the number and amount of transactions has been added to the journal form.


  • Fixed problem with automatic printing of checks on two devices.


  1. Added batch processing of articles;
  2. Added batch processing clients;
  3. Added batch processing discounts;
  4. The option to select a specific registrar has been added to the sales report.


  1. Fixed problems in label designer.
  2. Optimized barcode printing in labels.


  1. Added support for printing CODE 128 barcodes, a string of Latin characters (A-z) and numbers (0-9), up to 107 characters. This code is used for serial numbers.
  2. Added option to print checks to a file (tick terminal client). Designed to process the file on the side of the terminal client.
  3. Problems with printing cancellation have been fixed.


  1. File sharing fixes.
  2. Fixed date error when paying.


  • Sales information is included in the new report for convenience.
  • Improved graphics in tables.
  • In this version, the installation package is changed. This means that if you have an earlier version installed, then the new one will be installed separately. That is, you will have two CASHFRONT-small business programs installed. The new version without additional settings will “pick up” all your databases, you don’t need to do anything here.


  1. Added full screen mode.
  2. Added a warning about unlisted documents.
  3. Fixed issue with updating the total when selecting the first product.


Fixed bugs related to the screen resolution at 125%. 


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