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download current .versions CashFront
CashFront - small business v.2.0
05 April 2020 14:28
CashFront - сash program v.3.5
26 October 2016 16:44

CashFront- front-office of cashier

Adjusting files and instructions of the program "CashFront- front - office cashier".

File Size:
12.21 MB
3.5 / 30-01-2014
26 October 2016


A problem is removed with the import of file of discounts from 1C (disc.txt)

Version History


  • Possibility of editing of check of return is added
  • The sum of extra charge of bonus is limited to the value of maximal discount of commodity
  • Added line the charged extra bonuses in a check
  • A problem is corrected with the use of progressive discount on discount maps
  • A problem is corrected with the takes of checks
  • An option is added to "Destroy the sum of money in a cashdesk at delivery", destroys a result in a cashdesk at official delivery of money
  • A problem is removed with a report on rescinding and remote positions
  • The reflection of columns of main table is improved


  • The magazine of operations is carried in a menu "SERVICE"(closed by an administrator password)
  • Possibility to close the passwords of X and Z -отчеты is added
  • Possibility to use ФР IKC E810T to the version 08-01 is added
  • A problem is removed with closing of check at the error of connection with ФР( now a not fiscal check is not closed an error will not treat while)
  • To the interface possibility of conclusion of picture(images) of commodity is added at a choice
  • The bonus system of extra charge of discounts, and possibility to pay shoot bonuses, is added
  • Payment is improved a credit(on credit)
  • To the magazine of operations a filter is added on clients(to the discount maps)
  • The found out errors is corrected.


  • Treatment of closing of hanging up check is improved in ФР Datecs - Exellio
  • A script is added for connection of ФР MINI- T, МІНІ- ФП. by means of library of ecrT400.dll
  • Procedure of the automatic forming is improved штрих-кода for the articles
  • Added title in a price-list with штрих-кодом
  • Added title in printing of reports
  • A problem is removed with a report about not found форматированом штрих-кодом(for a gravimetric commodity)
  • The found out errors is corrected


  • Procedure of distribution of sums of discount is corrected on positions of check
  • The module of treatment of connection is optimized with the fiscal recorders of Dateks and Exellio
  • An additional menu is added to "Execute" for the start of other applications
  • Possibility of forming of price-list is added on a template from a file *.rtf
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