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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Defence of passwords

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On safety rules in a network you must use different passwords for every registration record. And there must be certain complication at passwords. And, if you use only one password everywhere, and someone gets this password, you have a problem ... Serious problem. A thief will have access to your registration record of e-mail, web site etc.

In addition, today you need to memorize many passwords. you need a password for a netlogon, registration record of e-mail Windows, FTP- password of your web site, online-passwords(for example, registration record of web site) etc. etc. A list is endless.

But who can memorize all these passwords? Nobody, but the program KeePass can. KeePass is an open, easy and simple in the use manager of passwords for Windows.

KeePass is the manager of passwords with an open source code that will help you safely to manage passwords. you can place all passwords in one database that is blocked by one basic key and/or key file. Therefore you need to memorize only one main password and/or to choose a key file, to deblock all database.

Databases are enciphered with the use of the best and most safe cryptoalgorithms well-known presently (AES and Twofish).

This database consists only of one file, therefore she can be easily carried from one computer to other. What be more, I tried, and already more than month I use the portable version of the program straight on a flash drive, i.e. and program and base for me on a flash drive, on a computer no logins and passwords!

KeePass supports groups, you can sort the passwords on groups/to the sub-groups (for example: Windows, Internet, My web-site etc.). you can drag passwords in other windows. For the sake of good order the program can export a database in different formats. She also can import data from different other formats (more than 35 different formats of other managers of passwords, universal importer CSV, ...). Certainly, you can unseal the list of passwords or current kind also.

The program is supplied with the powerful generator of casual passwords(you can define possible output symbols, length, rules of generation etc.). Using the context menu of list of passwords, you can quickly copy a password or user name in the clipboard of Windows. But!

In the program there is a powerful function of automatic input, that on a keyboard shortcut, :

А. Will open necessary application(browser, program, FTP client of and other)

B. Will enter a login and password.

And all of it is set in tuning to the record, thus combinations of commands great number.

And the best: it is the free program, and you have complete access to his source code!

KeePass spreads on the license of GPL. More detailed program web-site


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