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Thursday, 05 December 2013 11:45

Limitation of directory rights in OS of Windows 7

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Limitation of directory(to the folder) rights is used for providing of safety of maintenance of data in this catalogue. All operations of printing-down, change or moving away of files in this catalogue become inaccessible for an user not possessing rights for access to this folder.

To take advantage of this possibility of Windows, it is necessary to execute next steps:
To call the right mouse button on the distinguished catalogue and to cause a context menu. To choose the "Property point" in this menu. In the opened dialogue of "Property" to choose an inset "Safety".

 * In the set pattern a catalogue is used «D:DATA»

For setting of absolute titles on a catalogue it is necessary initially to delete operating permissions of other users and groups :
a. We distinguish the deleted object (1)
b. We push button "Additionally" (2)
c. We will get in a new dialogue the "Additional parameters of safety":

We distinguish a necessary element(1). We push button "To Change permissions"(2).

Another dialogue appears with the "Additional parameters of safety" :

We distinguish a necessary element. We take off a jackdaw to "Add permissions heritable from paternal objects". We get a dialog box with warning:

We press the button to "Delete" and Windows gives out here such warning us:

Consistently we press the button "And then "OKAS", as a result we get a clean window on an inset "Safety" :

We set absolute titles for the current proprietor of catalogue, for this purpose in the dialogue of properties of catalogue we push button to "Change". OS us offers to choose an user or group for setting of permissions on this catalogue:

For the correct input of the names we will take advantage of the button "Additionally", whereupon we get in the form of search of objects :

Consistently we push button "Search" for filling of list "Results of search"(1). Then we distinguish the necessary user name or groups in a list
"Results of search"(2). After implementation of these actions we push button "OKAS".
As a result we get the chosen registration record on an inset "Safety" in the dialogue of "Permission for a group DATA»:

We set a jackdaw opposite permissions "Complete access"(1) and we push button "OKAS"(2). In the end we get necessary to us rights for access on the catalogue of "DATA", and we accede to the accepted changes in the dialogue of "Property"("OK") :

After the actions conducted by us in an explorer Windows our folder will purchase a lock, that will mean that access to this folder is only for the user chosen by us :

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