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Friday, 22 November 2013 15:19

Tuning for OS of Windows 7 and Vista

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Force including of UAC for the row of the programs. To many programs, for the complete functioning, access is needed with the included administrator rights. However, not all of them are noted for that, what to cause warning of UAC. For access to the extended possibilities of such program and work with administrator rights, an user has to cause a context menu and choose a point: "Start on behalf of administrator", that, will agree, not too comfortably, especially if the program is used often.

For avoidance of necessity each time to cause the similar programs from context menu, will execute next actions:

Right-click mouse on the file of the started program >

  • In a context menu choose "Properties" >
  • In the opened window choose an inset "Compatibility" >
  • Set a mark next to a parameter to "Execute this program on behalf of administrator" >
  • Press "OK"

Now to you simply enough to start the program, UAC will notify you about that for the start of the program Your confirmation is needed in this mode.

Successful work!

On materials Fastvista.ru

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