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Friday, 06 December 2013

Connection of scales of CAS LP - CL with printing of labels to CashFront

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  1. Connect scales
  2. Set the driver of scales
  3. Add a script for connection of scales of CAS : CAS.LP.CL.vbs, button "To Add a script" on the form of tuning of "Весы"
  4. Выбрите interface of scales, number of port, speed etc.
  5. Push the button to "Apply", after to "Set a table"
  6. During successful connection a report will appear about the unloaded positions
  7. Напечатйте label on scales
  8. If necessary correct the mask of input gravimetric штрих-кода.

At the use of scripts *.vbs the field of executable shell must look so: C:\Windows\System32\wscript.exe for 32х of the bit system or C :\Windows\SysWOW64\ wscript.exe for 64 - by a bit.

Choose a necessary shell from директрии Windows: file of wscript.exe

ATTENTION! File of script : of CAS.LP.CL.vbs contains a record about the model of весов- 'sc.Type = 0 for the scales of LP15 RS232. sc.Type = 0 for other models will set the value of соотвествющей model см. file of C :\Program Files(x86) \КАСцентр\Весы_с_печатью_этикеток\Driver\Guidance of programmer.rtf





IP address of scales




Или "COMX"


Number of port of connection TCP/IPor speed of exchange by data, if connection идет on RS232






Standard ports

LP - 8111; CL - 20304; CWM - 5041 )





0 - CAS LP - 1.5

1 - CAS LP - 1.6(LP - II)

2 - CAS CL5000J Static memory

3 - CAS CL5000J Dynamic memory

4 - CAS CL5000

5 - CAS CWM - 4000

Send wishes and remarks to address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Connection of scales of CAS LP - CL with printing of labels to CashFront
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