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Friday, 28 February 2020

Payment button is not active

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There are situations when a user in a program has made all the settings. The directory is created: company, customers, warehouses, account. And the button "Payment" in the document is not active. This happens in several cases.

Consider the first:

If the user does not need to print documents (checks, invoices).

Then the user does not add “Devices” in the settings of the program, because he does not need them. Adding a "Cashier" in the Account Directories is not enough:

Catalogs accounts

Picture 1

It is necessary to add “Device-Registrar” in the settings, even if you do not have one!

And then, to this device "bind" our cash. Consider how to do this. We go along the path Service-Settings (see Picture 2).

  1. We find in the branch "Devices" and select it.
  2. Click the "Add" button and from the list that appears, select "POS Printer"
To add a Registrar is necessary to choose POS Printer and (or) Fiscal registrar, if we have them. In this case, we have no units, so the choice fell on a simple printer printing checks.

Add Printer

Picture 2

After selecting the type of device, once created the device card. Click “Apply”, and on the left in the settings branch, the “Devices” section, our printer will appear (see picture 3):


OWNEROR-6TLUV3V – computer name (your)

PRINTER – device name and this name is automatically created, and it CANNOT be changed. This name is then used on the item card, to determine fiscal or not.

Device selection

Picture 3

So, in the device card (picture3):

  1. Computer - the name of your computer, obtained automatically.
  2. Type of device - POS, automatic
  3. The name of the device - PRINTER, automatic
  4. Device - in the selection list will be all available printing devices in the system, select any (we will not use it anyway)
  5. Next, put a check mark next to “RECORDER”

And once we get on the tab "Registrar» (picture 4). The name of the registrar is already (do not change). The name of the warehouse - also already exists, the default warehouse. If you use several warehouses, choose the one you need.

This setting indicates from which warehouse goods will be debited when selling from this registrar/computer by default. In the sales document of the warehouse itself, you can select another one in manual mode, and then the cash desk will serve two warehouses.

Add cash desk

Picture 4

It remains to add a registrar account (picture4). Click add, and select the cashier that we previously added to the “Catalogs”, this is the connection that I wrote about at the beginning of the article.

This is how our registrar will look like (picture 5). Do not forget that the device must be turned on (the “device” tab, the corresponding checkbox is set).

Cash desk added

Picture 5

That’s all. Now the "THE PAYMENT" button is active:

Оплата работает

Second case: incorrect user settings

This situation may occur if, during the installation of the program, you did NOT create a new database, but connected the “existing” one, which was copied from another computer.

In this case, the program settings will be like on an old computer, in most cases its good (you don’t have to re-enter all the settings), except for the hardware settings. They are sensitive to their names, and the name of the computer. As an example, picture 7.

Computer name in settings

Picture 7

Paragraph 2 of the computer name in the devices. Assigned correctly, we just connected the device, and there everything is OK. A "Pay" button does not work anyway.

See Paragraph 1 in the name of the computer users, there is an error. This setting was saved in the database from the old computer.

We look at the path: USER - Administrator - Constants tab - the value of the computer is ГЕННАДИЙ-ПК.

Select our current computer (OWNEROR-6TLUV3V); click "Apply", the error is fixed.

We check the same with other users, if we have them.

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