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Wednesday, 25 March 2020 12:42

Error: index was out of bounds of array

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During the work of the CashFront cash program, when trying to make an X-report or Z-report, an error “The index was out of bounds of the array” may appear:

Log Error

Such an error occurs very rarely, but it happens during computer malfunctions (power surges, the simultaneous operation of a large number of programs, etc.). In this case, an incorrect entry is made in the current log, which leads to this error.

How to fix the error?

Open the database directory. Where it is, we can look in the settings, the tab "System", the synchronization directory:

Database path

Open this directory (folder) in Explorer, then enter the Jornal directory:

Path to the jornal

In it we are looking for a file called "Today's date", for example, 24.03.2020.txt:

Path to the log file

Before you change the file, make a backup copy of it!

We open this file with any text editor (the most convenient Notepad ++) and look for line breaks in it, this is the cause of the error. Delete empty lines, save changes:

Error in log file

We try to make an X-report, if everything was done correctly, the report prints without errors:

Report without errors


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