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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Limitation of rights is in CashFront

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Setting of appendix of CashFront for an user with limit rights.

Here two arguments in behalf on a command RunAs :

  • The start of appendix with administrative laws allows to limit access to data of appendix
  • The start of appendix with the registration record of administrator or privileged user allows to use the service of transparent encipherement of files, included in the operating systems of family of Windows NT.

Start of CashFront allows to configure Your system c rights for other registration record of user(Administrator) with limitation of rights for access to the files of data and appendix of CashFront. For realization of this decision it is necessary to execute next actions:

  • Call at the system on behalf of user with administrative laws;
  • During setting of CashFront choose an option to "Set only for me"(as on рис.выше);
  • You set CashFront;
  • You choose the catalogue of synchronization in tuning;
  • You set complete rights on the catalogue of synchronization only for the current user of "Administrator";
  • You create the registration record of user with limit rights, it is possible to use a group "Guests" see Membership in groups;
  • You set the appendix of "RunAs" with an option to "Set for All". For this purpose we call at a menu "Starting" -> "All programs" -> "CashFront.v.3.5" -> "Setting of starter of RunAs";

  • You overload the system;
  • Included in the system with the created registration record, with limit rights;
  • You start the appendix of "RunAs" : Меню "Start" -> "All programs" -> "CashFront - RunAs";

  • Enter in the field the "Complete way to the executable file" complete way to the file of "CashFront.exe", it is possible to take advantage of the button to "Choose" (1);
  • You choose a registration record on behalf of that will start CashFront(Administrator) (2) and enter a password(3);

  • You set marks for creation of necessary labels(4);
  • You push button "OKAS";

You control the start of CashFront, start the created label.

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