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Friday, 22 November 2013

Setting weights "Mettler Toledo"

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Description of tuning and connection to CаshFront.


Key of Code : 55555* is configuration of scales

* - to choose

? - to leaf

1 is pre-setting

it is an amount of PLU(we choose a digital keyboard)

are commodity groups(by a pointer it is better to skip)

it is the special offering(for us not used)

0 -выключить

it is an amount of texts(by a digital keyboard)

- to configure:

We choose 0 or 1(if we can not change, then we choose "yes"(on 1 and asterisk))

Since we entered "55555" and отконфигурировали, then from scales all is fully "taken"


Key of Code : 4444 * is configuration of service

- we choose new

Mode of pre-setting

The mode of printing of labels + is here possible final label

it is total weight(to include)

it is a hurrying line(if on scales there is not a load that she must "hurry")

it is weight of container(можна not to include)

it is a number of label(a client does not need)

it is an input of price with # - simply we choose a grate and after it by hand we enter a price.


Key of Code : 666666 *22*

Typeselection of interface

- Ethernet we choose and нажмаем *


Code: 666666 * 21*

Network configuration

- we set IP: he looks on scales)

it is a mask:

- ІР router(if I am), and if it is not that everything we put 0

SPCT 1 - for the version of Light

SPCT 2 - for a двустрочной version

When we call on паку, then we take away "reading only"

In languages and regional standards -, (comma)

Work with the program

Libra ?choice of scales?ок

Configuration?connection?we choose Ethernet or sheat-fish(if we chose езернет that us will ask to put ІР)

Libra ?test of scales?test(a mark must appear)

Designer of label

To create: we choose the real sizes of label

If label with припринтом, then we choose a "turn on 160"


Code 998877* is a determinant of label

Label of service ?label of gravimetric commodity?label№?we put 1(2,3) then what was put on a computer

Code1* is an input of даных

Code22* is a х report

Code333* is a z report

Code666666* are the special functions

Code24681357* is service mode

If errors catch fire on scales, that begin on 200, then we choose Code24681357*15* - very quickly doing it all passes to the plant options...after sewing of plant options.we choose Code: 55555*.and we begin to "sew" since a point 1.

Connection is in CashFront:

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