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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

How to password protect a directory database from tampering

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Here are two arguments in favor of the team RunAs:

  • Start application with administrative rights to restrict access to application data
  • Start application with an administrator or super user to use the service allows transparent file encryption belongs to the family of operating systems Windows NT.Running

CashFront c rights another user account ( Administrator ) allows you to configure your system with limited access rights to data files and applications CashFront. To implement this solution , follow these steps :

  1. Come in as a user with administrative rights ;When installing
  2. CashFront choose the option "Install only for me »;You set
  3. CashFront;
  4. choose settings directory synchronization ;
  5. Sets the full rights to the directory synchronization for the current user " Administrator ";
  6. create a user account with limited privileges , you can use a group of " guests " see Group Memberships ;

install applications «RunAs» option "Install for All ." To do this, go to "Start" menu -> "All Programs » -> «CashFront.v.3.5» -> « Installing starter RunAs»;

overload the system ;
Come into the newly created user account with limited rights ;
run applications «RunAs»: Menu "Start" -> "All Programs » -> «CashFront-RunAs »;

Enter a " full path to the executable file " full path to «CashFront.exe», you can click the "Select" (1 );
Choose the account on behalf of which will start CashFront ( Administrator ) ( 2) and enter the password (3 );

You set

tick to create the necessary shortcuts ( 4 );
Press " OK »;

launch control CashFront, run the shortcut you created .

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