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Friday, 06 December 2013

Library Com server weights for AD, AP, DB, EM, ER, EMR

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  1. Join the library:

To register, use the command libraryregsvr32 путь/имя_библиотеки.dll

  1. Methods and Properties

The library contains a single class Cas_AD_AP Scale. In the class Scale are the following methods and properties:

Connect( number_of_port, timeout );

Makes connection with weights.

number_of_port: an integer from 0 to 255, the number com port for communicating with weights.

Timeout: integer weights while waiting for a response in milliseconds. If there is a zero timeout installed by default.


Closes the connection with weights.


Receives data from the balance and updates the properties: Cost, Price, Weight, Stable.


Receives data from the balance and updates the properties: Weight, Stable.

Weightweight returns.

Stablereturns 1 if the balance is stable.

Pricereturns the price, if the balance is maintained.

Costreturns a value, if the balance is maintained.

  1. Processing Example 1C:

Example is in the file sapmle1C.ert

  1. EXAMPLE language C#:



Cas_AD_APlib.ScaleClass scale;

scale = new CasAD_AP_DB_EMLib.ScaleClass();

scale.Connect(1, 0);


catch(Exception e)








catch(Exception e)


MessageBox.Show(“Не удается прочитать данные!”);




Sincerely, Ilya Nesterov programmer CAS .

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (495)7880408

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