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Monday, 09 September 2013 03:00

Utility of RunAs : simple starter of appendixes

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Here two arguments in behalf on a command RunAs :

  • The start of appendix with administrative laws allows to limit access to data of appendix.
  • The start of appendix with the registration record of administrator or privileged user allows to use the service of transparent encipherement of files, included in the operating systems of family of Windows NT.

These two arguments compel people regularly to invent scripts, to twist and turn with labels etc. In fact on какай-то the developers of Windows gave unknown reason to us command RunAs, but did not give the instrument of allowing this service valuably to use to us. What to fill in this blank, and also for the facilitation of labour of army of system administrators I decided to write this simple utility, allowing safely to start appendixes with an administrative registration record from a session with limit rights.

An utility keeps bootup options in an in cipher file, and creates as necessary labels for the start of the chosen applications. In bootup options it is possible also to specify the arguments of command line, that will be passed to the chosen application. After completion of the program of setting of utility of "RunAs" in the menu of the program a label will appear "Tuning RunAs" calling on this icon we get in the form of configuring of label :

After filling of the fields on the button of OKAS you get a necessary to you tag so :)

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