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Monday, 06 October 2014 13:28

IntelliTouch is technology of superficially-acoustic waves (FALLING)

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Original technology is fixed in basis of touch screens of IntelliTouch, using principle of superficially-acoustic waves. A screen presents from itself a glass panel, that allows to get a maximally quality image on Your sensory monitor. The surface of screens of IntelliTouch is able to resist to the mechanical damages. Touch to the screen a finger, by a hand in a glove or стило and you will get an exact answer for a touch. Touch screens of IntelliTouch oneself was perfectly shown in trade, sphere of educating, intellectual building.

Modifications of screen :

- Intelli Touch Plus is Possibility of распознandвания 2ух touches.

- iTouch is Technology of безрамочного screen with possibility of recognition of 2ух touches.

Principle of work

As IntelliTouch works

On the glass panel of screen, corresponding form of matrix of monitor, on corners пьезопреобразователи is located in non-working part. A comptroller sends an electric signal on transformers that convert a signal into an acoustic wave. An acoustic wave passes on the surface of glass panel and reflected by the array of sensors on a perimeter. Receiving sensors collect the reflected wave and direct it back onto пьезоэлементы. A wave will be transformed in an electric signal that is analysed by a comptroller.

At a touch to the screen part of superficial wave is taken in. The got signal is compared to the standard, changes are determined, coordinates are calculated. This process comes true independently on two axes - X and Y. The feature of IntelliTouch is possibility to determine force of touch - coordinate of Z. Coordinates are passed in a computer.


- the Glass screen possesses maximal transparency, provides a high-res and brightness

- Lasting, proof to the scratches and вандалостойкая surface of screen

it is Antispeck of light coverage

it is the Exact answer for a touch:

- without the false activating

are effective algorithms and electronics

it is determination of coordinate of touch and pressure

- Activates a finger, hand in a glove and стилосом

it is a high-res 4096х4096

- do the Touch screens and comptrollers have certificates of UL and cUL, components - T?V

- the Sensory monitors correspond to the standards of UL, cUL, FCC, and CE

it is Guarantee on touch screens and comptrollers of IntelliTouch 3

Supported models

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