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Friday, 22 November 2013 14:31

About automation of trade in modern shops

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In Ukraine changes are noticeable in the chart of trade. The process of crushing of trade points ceased. Irrepressible the number of trade areas grows in a re-calculation "per head of customer". The stake of large shops and trade networks increases. For many a concept "Modern shop" is associated with considerable financial investments in "eurorepair" and trade equipment. For majority from those, who drove a trading floor to the European kind, innovations made off thereon - at one to want of facilities, other counted up, that a task is executed. But, becoming not worse than other, their shop all, did not become truly modern.

Modern shop.

In actual fact modern is a shop with free access to the commodity, by quality, unobtrusive and rapid service. A customer can long examine, choose, try on a commodity, but as soon as he heads for a cashdesk - not only a turn but also the least delay is unpossible in service. At a cashdesk a customer looks after the process of unambigiuous authentication of commodity, in his cotter pin the names of all purchased commodities are fixed with pointing of exact weight and price - so, him nobody cheats, and a cash check yet will serve to him as a financial statement.

A modern shop cares of permanent customers and gives to them a right for a choice from the large range of quality goods with possibility of progressive discounts.

Consequently, not exceeding the borders of the financial possibilities, studying psychology of customers and analysing demand, to the proprietor of modern shop, it is necessary to aim:

to the -к increase of assortment(but authentication of commodity at the enormous amount of the names will result in a turn at a cashdesk);

-к to speed-up maintenance of customers at the extended assortment(but here rapid service must be very exact, a shop can not bear loss).

This puzzle in the developed countries was decided by introduction of the computer-cash systems and system of stroke encryption.

Why is штрих-коды needed?

Producers inflict on the commodities unique stroke of коды, that in a trading floor, maybe, was unambigiuous to identify their commodities. Additionally a shop inflicts internal stroke of коды on commodities without external code stroke. Then, for штрих-коду cashdesk faultlessly and quickly determines the name and cost of any commodity without intervention from a cashier, saving time customer.
For support of functioning of the system the stroke of encryption is used the specialized trade equipment: computers, scintiscanners, terminals of capture of data, scales, printers.

A cashdesk rules roast.

Introduction of the system of штрих-кодов stipulated changing of priorities in attitude toward the choice of trade equipment. The basic loading is executed by a cash computer that grew into the multifunction instrument of intermingling with a customer. A customer identifies his possibilities with the service, given by a shop, his image. If a cashdesk is able to sell a commodity with a discount, on the card of permanent client, to unseal a complex order in the remote department of preselling preparation, - so, it is able your shop. And her reliable work is needed already not so much in an order to avoid fines, how many in an order not to lose the trust of customer.

A cashdesk, at least, must be able instantly to find a commodity among thousands of the names and, in addition, get in the process of work the names of new commodities and to give information about sales(to work in System).
If a shop provided oneself such cashdesk, on the next stage he needs to begin introduction of the system, that will allow to organize a trading process with a burst performance, clear account and flexible management. Only in composition such system an equipment will find the veritable value.

Not only automation.

If the system of stroke encryption brings the methods of rapid and exact sales, then the system of automation of trade activity allows to hold all process under control.

She is built taking into account the features of retail business :

the -Компьютерные systems, as a rule, decide task of account, operative management and financial account;

-Необходимость in an operative management caused by the swift height of trade assortment(ten of thousands of the names) that it is impossible to support by hand. Optimal addition to the assortment is possible only taking into account the operative values of bits and pieces of commodity.

-Для of retail business is characteristic accumulation in the system of enormous volumes of data(every position of every check is kept).

The system executes support of all operations, providing motion of commodity : reception of commodity on storage, return to the supplier, sale from storage, return of sold, transmission in a trading floor, sale from a trading floor through ЭККА and upon non-cash settlement, overvalue, writing, return of sold, taking of inventory, request on storage, order to the supplier of and other

(There is "Equipment" on materials of magazine)

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