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Saturday, 16 November 2013 21:20

Connecting customer display

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to connect the customer display CashFront:

  • Connect the customer display to the computer
  • Install the device driver if necessary (for displays with a USB device usually installs a virtual com port)
  • Click "Settings" to select the port and set the necessary parameters of COM port
  • Set the desired text encoding device
  • In the Advanced ESC / POS commands, if necessary, enter additional commands, such as code page translation device [ESC | t | 5] (command code page translation for device company Posiflex)
  • Test the device.

Connecting customer display for non-standard cases, through a script:

  • Take daw "Direct output to the port"
  • Select the name of the executable file, the button "Select" option in front of conformity
  • If necessary, add the command-line arguments
  • Specify the name of an executable shell: wscript.exe or jscript.exe depending on the script file

Sample script to connect the customer display is in the directory "SCRIPT", DP_WriterRS232.vbs, compatible with applications WriterRS232

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