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Friday, 22 November 2013 14:36

Equipment and SOFTWARE for automation of trade

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In-process groceteria there is a row of obvious advantages :

  • increase of real-estate of trading floor and assortment of the laid out commodity;
  • reduction of service time, that results in the increase of number of customers;
  • reduction is an amount of salespeople, charges on the remuneration of labour, social payments;
  • grant to the customer of possibility to study and independently choose a commodity, that increases the amount of spontaneous purchases.

On the estimations of experts, introduction of self-service in a shop increases sales in 6-8 times.
However an effective return from this form of trade is arrived at only at introduction of automation of trade enterprise, that is provided sharing of trade, computer equipment and programmatic facilities.

In a groceteria it is possible to distinguish next areas, requiring an equipment an equipment for automation of trade :

  • cash knot;
  • marking;
  • gravimetric;
  • packing;
  • office;

Every area has the features and requirements on an equipment a technological equipment and programmatic facilities. We will consider them more detailed.

Cash knot(POS- system)

Traditional name - POS(point of sales -точка sales), although more correct is a term point of calculation or service. A cashdesk must provide authentication of commodity, registration of producible operations, printing of check, reception of payment in different forms(in cash, plastic cards), support of the systems of discounts(maps of permanent customers, discount maps), accumulation of fiscal information.
A cash knot can be created on a base POS- of terminal - the computer, equipped by a fiscal printer and display of customer, or with the use of cash register, uniting in a demihull a printer, keyboard, module of fiscal memory, indicators of customer and salesman.
For authentication of commodity in both cases the use is needed scintiscanner code stroke. Preferable is the use of многоплоскостных laser scintiscanners providing a comfortable, rapid and faultless read-out code stroke. In default of code stroke or his damage, a cashdesk must provide possibility of input of code of commodity from a keyboard.

At the choice of equipment for a cash knot it is necessary to take into account the following:

-Так as POS- a terminal is a computer, his functionality is determined by the set software.

a -Кассовый vehicle working in autonomous behavior can not operate with reference books commodities there is a large nomenclature in that.

At the association of cash knots in a network and setting of corresponding software the task of the centralized management decides by shops from an office, updating of reference books of commodities, receipt of operative information about sales, bits and pieces, making an inventory.

Weighing area

For realization of commodities, that weigh directly at a sale(vegetables, fruit, sausages, cheeses etc.) in a shop scales are set with printing of label with штрих-кодом, containing information about коде of commodity, price, weight. A label is glued on packing with a commodity and, at a calculation, on a cashdesk the stroke of codes is read by a scintiscanner.

Marking area

Marking of commodities comes true one of next methods :

by a -с help etiquette of pistol(on a label the code of commodity is specified);

by the -с help of applicator(the preliminary making of labels is needed with stroke by a code).

The second method is more preferable, because allows to simplify and accelerate authentication of commodity on a cash knot.

If amount of labels with stroke by a code, that it is assumed to make in a shop, small, for their printing it is possible to use an office laser printer and perforated самоклеящуюся paper. At the large volumes of printing of labels it is necessary to apply the specialized printers, providing speed and quality of printing.

Regardless of the used printer, on the area of marking it is desirable to set a computer FOR that it will be integrated with control system by trade of shop and will have an access to the reference books of commodities.

Packing area

Part of commodities of food group(cheeses, sausages, meat, fish etc.) before delivery in a trading floor must be packed up, self-weighted and provided with a label, containing the code of commodity, price, weight and cost. For the increase of speed of work of cashiers causing is desirable on a label code stroke with information about коде and weight of commodity.

For automation of process of weighing and printing of labels развесочные complexes that is created on the base of scales with printing of label are used, or as combination of ordinary scales, computer and printer of labels.
The second variant can appear more preferable to the small shops, because allows to use one complete set of equipment for packing and printing of labels(for Area of marking).
Control system used in a shop must trade plugged in itself the modules that provide the input of certificate information about commodities in scales or connection with Area of weighing built on the base of computer software.


It is situated in a shop or remotely. In last case can conduct an operative management trade in a few shops. The equipment of office consists of control system the trade, intended for an account, analysis and making decision; ancillaries.

Control system by trade

Efficiency of work of trade enterprise first of all depends on software, that executes the functions, related to watching and maintenance of assortment, by orders and calculations with suppliers, forming of prices and grant of analytical information.
The trade system must provide maximally possible automation of work of managers on purchases. She must provide information about the real bits and pieces of commodities, histories of their sales and, on the basis of these data, to forecast the necessity of purchase.
On the stage of forming of order it is necessary to have the opportunity to compare prices, terms and terms of delivery of identical commodities from different suppliers. At supplying with commodities control of accordance of volumes is important, prices and assortment the placed orders.
The debugged system of mutual settlements with suppliers is a mortgage of stability and the best terms of supplying with commodities.

Automation of mutual settlements supposes storage of information about the terms of deliveries and payments, account of parties of deliveries at all motions of commodities for watching of offtakes, and also returns from customers or returns to the supplier. Automation of forming of the suggested retail prices allows not only effectively to control the process of pricing and eliminate possibility of abuses but also to take to the minimum the amount of the employees involved in this process.
The trade system must allow to set the fixed prices(set by suppliers or normative acts), execute a calculation coming from a purchase price and percent of mark-up, to control identicalness of the suggested retail prices on a the same commodity from different parties of deliveries, to conduct different overvalues.
Effective and correct work of the Trade system is unthinkable without data about actual bits and pieces of commodities. There are many reasons resulting in disparity in the system of the real state of trading floor is пересортица, theft of customers and personnel, inevitable errors at the manual input of documents. Therefore the Trade system must allow to automatize the process of taking of inventory and execute bringing registration bits and pieces over to actual, with the generation of corresponding documents and reports. A presence of the enumerated functions is obligatory for the effective Trade system, but far not complete.


Acquisition of office the terminals of capture of data can considerably accelerate and facilitate the process of inventory, taking of inventory of commodities, and also registration and count of commodities at receivabless and internal moving.
It is thus necessary to provide, that the set Trade system supported possibility of exchange data with the bought terminals of capture of data.

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