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Friday, 22 November 2013 15:20

How to choose a barcode scanner?

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Today the Ukrainian market of equipment for automation of trade offers over 100 models and modifications of scanners to read the bar code ( bar code ) . This

  • scanners contact action , which need to spend at HQ
  • portable data collection terminals that can read bar code at a distance
  • desktop ( or built -in desk ) scanners
  • other models , the characteristics of which can be found in the section "Equipment ».

Each barcode scanner model has its own set of features and capabilities that define the scope of its application and the price of the device . However, when choosing a scanner first need to focus on the tasks that need to be addressed by acquiring device ( accelerate settlement , acceptance of goods , eliminate abuse , etc. ).

Scanner at the point of sale

When choosing a scanner for cash should be considered as scale commercial enterprise, and the type of goods sold therein . For minimarket with a small stream of buyers will be enough hand contact scanner CCD.For

supermarket with lots of buyers, many range and volume of purchases in 5-7 items most important speed of service , not to accumulate queue. To solve this problem suitable scanners built into the cash box or desktop multiplanar vertical scanners that are faster reading and can read barcode from any angle ( enough to draw barcode scanner over the surface ).

If the item is large size , you can use scanners that combine manual and built- for example, double-action scanner Duet. It can be used as a desktop ( on base ) and as a manual . Such scanners are often equipped with special software , which includes the reconstruction of damaged HQ and HQ also reads torn labels .

greatest performance, relevant for large supermarkets , provides scanner Magellan SL, which , unlike other planar scanners can simultaneously read the code on all four sides of the goods ( 360 degrees). When using it, no need to rotate the item code to the scanner , which greatly accelerates the process of settlement .If the scanner

HQ planned for a boutique or a clothing store , where few customers , and to find labels with bar code still leaves a few seconds , there is enough conventional contact CCD scanner , which are inexpensive .

For some types of trade, when bulky items can not be brought near to the cash node (for example, building materials, furniture ) , you can use the cable-less radio scanner that provides the transmission of information over a distance of 40 meters from the receiver .

In other words , for trade companies that operate " on the back of the goods " are more appropriate expensive but high-performance barcode scanners , for those who are working with expensive , piece goods , rather more simple and cheap scanners (this should take into account other requirements - for example , a scanner for jewelry or watch store should be able to read the codes of high density ).

Scanner in stock

Scanners HQ very effective to accelerate the acceptance and recording of goods in stock. However, the requirements to scanners will be different than on the trading floor - because the conditions of work and other tasks to be solved here .
Scanners or terminals , designed for warehouse must ensure work in the heat and cold (operating temperature range of -20 to +60 degrees), can operate autonomously (without cable ), and others , do not be afraid of dust, moisture , drop onto a concrete floor .
They are portable devices that can not only read the barcode , but entered from the keyboard and some digital information even handle it in a certain way - a sort of mini-computers , which are connected by means of special devices ( cable or network) to an ordinary PC .
The latter can be placed by phone or commodity expert , who treat the information received from the warehouse. So , with the help of mobile terminals can quickly implement acceptance of goods by reading the barcode and keying in the number ( pieces, packages , boxes , etc.) , as well as to undertake such a laborious and common operation such as inventory, which also reduces the identification and counting Item .

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