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Monday, 06 October 2014 20:37

Acoustic Pulse Recognition(APR) is unique sensory technology

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Acoustic Pulse Recognition(APR) - unique technology, not having analogues in the world, combines in itself the best descriptions of acoustic and capacitance-resistance technology.

A company Elo TouchSystems worked out absolutely new and unique technology of touch screen of Acoustic Pulse Recognition(APR) is Recognition of acoustic impulse, that unites in itself all best qualities of sensory technologies of AccuTouch and IntelliTouch :

  • Excellent quality of image
  • Wearproofness, stable work
  • Works from the touch of hand, hand in a glove, by a credit card etc.
  • Steady to contaminations on fatty and water basis
  • Possesses ardor - and by water-repellent properties
  • In case of occurring of scratches on the surface of glass continues stably to work
  • Absolutely flat surface
  • Calibration is conducted one time, the repeated is not required
  • Thickness of screen just a 5 mm
  • Rapid response at a touch to the screen Diagonal of screen is varied from 12" to 42". At all above-stated dignities the cost of screen remains not high.

Principle of work

As APR works

Technology of APR works by a simple and elegant method - by recognition of sound in the moment of touch of screen in a certain point.
Touch-control generates an unique sound in any point of screen. Four tiny sensors, touch screens envisaged on edges, accept a touch-control signal. A sound is digitised, after passed by a comptroller and compared to the list of before writtenin signals for every point of screen. A cursor instantly moves pithily, corresponding to the place of touch. APR ignores the sounds of environment and any external sounds, if they are not included in the before stored list. APR differs from previous developments the method of voice recognition of position of touch with the use of microphones, because this method much more comfortable and simpler for настольных vehicles, what application of powerful and expensive method of calculation of signal by the programmatic calculation of tangency without some another possibilities of application of references. Therefore APR technology is more effective in correlation price-quality, and more economical for large screens.
Now APR technology includes combination of the best descriptions of technologies of AccuTouch and IntelliTouch. Earlier such not arrived at in not a single sensory development.
Although APR is NT - placed she very looks like very popular 20 back IntelliTouch. Both developments use a surface from the real glass with the envisaged sensor. However, if sensors, transforming and accepting signals, are used in IntelliTouch, then in APR they only "listening".


Excellent quality of image and wearproofness of glass

Sensory technologies always require, that surface of LCD of monitor or recognized a touch or vice versa - protected from a touch.The manufacturers of screens work persistently, to present the bright and veritable coloured images. Thus, sensory monitors must distort quality of reflection of picture as few as possible of. Unfortunately, the surface of screen can potentially decrease quality of image four methods: reduction of светопередачи, addition of reflections, reduction of clearness, and decolorizing. Flowed is basic material for the surface of screens on optical descriptions, and similarly on his hardness and duration in the use. A present glass has approximately 92%-ую light transmission.Saving a brightness, it allows to use LCD monitors of less cost. The layers and coverages, used in capacitance-resistance and capacity technologies, diminish светопередачу not only, they change the original colors of screen also. For many sensory decisions, type of medical devices or digital photos of booths, acceptable flowed only. Glass minimizes reflections also, as does not have layers or metallic coverages. Reflections can be tiresome for the eyes of permanent users, for example cashiers or players in a casino; similarly it touches booths, external illumination gets on the screens of that. As reflections are minimized at the use of glass - in aggressive antireflexive coverages or mat technologies of dispersion an image saves a maximal clearness thus. Glass it is very difficult to scratch slightly,(сопротивление- 7H), as compared to screens, having resistance from 3H or 4H. Glass also is proof to most chemicals and not worn away as a plastic. Also it is steady to distortions, distortion in sizes or to the clench because of temperature changes. Special антивандальное glass also gives an additional opportunity for the use in hard environments. More thick glass steady to the high temperature and chemicals, or even stratified, can be used instead of ordinary glass. On these reasons, technology of PEAHENS became basic technology that is set in sensory booths and terminals of self-service, and preferred by many other for applications in game machines and medicine. But, technology of APR possesses the best optical qualities, consequently, takes advantage before technology of PEAHENS. And besides, APR has more protracted term of exploitation.

Choice of indicative object

If optical quality and durability were only problems, then IntelliTouch screens would be used everywhere. But sometimes the choice of object for a touch outweighs visual quality. Example, at the use in a restaurant a cashier or waiter, when an absolutely quality image and cleanness of color are not so needed, if on the screen a menu is just represented, and the actions of office worker will injure an equipment hardly. That it is more important is possibility to touch a screen a pen, credit card, or by a map as certificates of identity; workers can hold dishes in other hand, and to touch a screen other by any indicative object . On these reasons, to present tense, sensory monitors, with technology of AccuTouch, were the most popular technology used on retail sale, restaurants and in hotels as POS of terminals, even in spite of presence of external plastic coverage that worsens an optics and can be worn away. Technology of next generation of APR in the nearest future will get the stake at the market of POS - terminals, as allows to work with any indicative object, wearproof, and possesses the best quality of image, what capacitance-resistance screen.
In addition to optical qualities and durability of glass, technology of APR can be activated by a finger, nail, pen, стилусом, or by a credit card, as well as in capacitance-resistance screens.

Firmness to contamination

For some decisions a primary problem is not quality of image, durability, or choice of indicative object, and firmness to contamination. A screen with technology of APR functions at a hit on him liquid, dirt, catchup, fat, gel, and also, continues to work at presence of scratches. Т.е, a monitor with the screen of APR is pressurized in accordance with industry standards, and here has excellent quality of image.

Absence of necessity is for the repeated calibration

Touch screens possess the system of coordinates, independent of BDU. The cartography of touches to the display requires a convertion algorithm from one system of coordinates to other. Exactness of this transformation depends on stability of the system of coordinates of tangency and videocoordinates. LCD- monitors, unlike cathode-ray tubes, have the initially stopped up immobile position of display. Not many sensory technologies, for example, of PEAHENS, also have the immobile system of coordinates. Other, as for example, capacity and some cheap capacitance-resistance technologies, require calibration - even periodic рекалибровки - of necessity from the so-called "drift". In any case, it is preferable to have sensory technology that never needs calibration. APR possesses the immobile system of coordinates, that never changes in time, position, or from ecological changes. With APR traditional calibration of touch screens can be removed as an obligatory necessity, if a screen size and position are set one time.

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