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Sunday, 05 October 2014 09:10

AccuTouch is capacitance-resistance sensory technology

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Technology of AccuTouch was developed for the use in the conditions of aggressive environment, therefore the touch screens of AccuTouch excel other screens at reliability and longevity. Capacitance-resistance screens possess maximal firmness to contamination. This feature allows AccuTouch to be not afraid of hit on the working surface of liquids, runback, steams - and reliably to work, when other types of screens fall out. A screen maintains 35 million touches to one point.

POS- terminals
are restaurants
- fast food
are enterprises of rapid feed
are shops

it is control of processes
are industrial PCS
are control panels
it is office automation
it is testing of equipment

are booths of trucks
it is registration of luggage

it is a medical equipment
are the checking of the state of patient systems
it is a research equipment
The capacitance-resistance touch screens of AccuTouch primely showed oneself in the field of service, in composition POS- of terminals, industry, medicine and transport.
Touch to the screen a finger, hand in a glove, nail or credit card, and you will get an exact answer for a touch.

Principle of work

Device of capacitance-resistance screen
Executed in accordance with geometry of monitor, the screen of AccuTouch consists of the glass panel covered by the layer of plastic. Space between glass and plastic is separated by микроизоляторами that is evenly up-diffused on the active area of screen and reliably insulate conducting surfaces. At an easy touch surfaces adjoin. A comptroller registers the change of resistance, will transform him in the coordinates of touch(X and Y) and passes them on the system tire of computer.
As a comptroller determines the coordinates of touch
When a comptroller expects pressure, capacitance-resistance coverage of touch screen is under tension +of 5В, and подложка is earthed, due to микроизоляторов between these surfaces high resistance is saved. When nothing touches a touch screen, tension on подложке is equal to the zero. Level of tension of подложки constantly преобразовывется by an analog-to-digital transformer(ADC) and watched by the microprocessor of comptroller.
When to the screen touched, a microprocessor caught the change of tension of подложки and begins to calculate the coordinates of touch as follows:
A. A microprocessor determines tension on the axis of Х by the serve of tension +of 5В on the contacts of H and X and earths the contact of Y and L. Value of tension, proportional Х appears the coordinate of touch on подложке and fixed on the contact of S of socket of screen. This tension is digitised through ADC according to the algorithm of усреднения and then temporally saved for a transmission on port(host).
B. After it a comptroller does a the same operation for the axis of Y. Accordingly, by the serve of tension on the contacts of H and Y and grounding of contacts of X and L, got on the contact of S tension is also digitised, becomes level and saved for a subsequent transmission in port.

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