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Automation of trade

Automation of trade

Wednesday, 29 October 2014 10:00

Comparison of touch screens

Sensory monitors are offered in different acquisition: c by the capacitance-resistance screen of AccuTouch, with the abat-voix of IntelliTouch and with a screen on technology of APR. What difference and features are in them? Further in this article.


Acoustic Pulse Recognition(APR) - unique technology, not having analogues in the world, combines in itself the best descriptions of acoustic and capacitance-resistance technology.

Original technology is fixed in basis of touch screens of IntelliTouch, using principle of superficially-acoustic waves. A screen presents from itself a glass panel, that allows to get a maximally quality image on Your sensory monitor.

Technology of AccuTouch was developed for the use in the conditions of aggressive environment, therefore the touch screens of AccuTouch excel other screens at reliability and longevity.

Friday, 22 November 2013 15:20

How to choose a barcode scanner?

Today the Ukrainian market of equipment for automation of trade offers over 100 models and modifications of scanners to read the bar code (bar code). This

  • scanners contact action, which need to spend at HQ
  • portable data collection terminals that can read bar code at a distance
  • desktop (or built-in desk) scanners
  • other models, the characteristics of which can be found in the section "Equipment».

This article is short introduction to technology of the use of terminals of capture of data(ТСД) for automation of ware-house operations and addressed to the representatives of small business. As a rule, the leaders of small organizations do not possess sufficient temporal resources, and imposing state of employees, that can be distinguished for a search and generalization of the information got from different sources. Here will not be description of certain models of terminals, systems of account, universal recommendations on their choice. However, the minimum set of terms, that is needed for more detailed study of question, is here given, and also essence of technology of organization of work with the use of ТСД, that, actually, is primitive(what you soon will make sure in) enough, is described.

In-process groceteria there is a row of obvious advantages :

  • increase of real-estate of trading floor and assortment of the laid out commodity;
  • reduction of service time, that results in the increase of number of customers;
  • reduction is an amount of salespeople, charges on the remuneration of labour, social payments;
  • grant to the customer of possibility to study and independently choose a commodity, that increases the amount of spontaneous purchases.
Friday, 22 November 2013 14:31

About automation of trade in modern shops

In Ukraine changes are noticeable in the chart of trade. The process of crushing of trade points ceased. Irrepressible the number of trade areas grows in a re-calculation "per head of customer". The stake of large shops and trade networks increases. For many a concept "Modern shop" is associated with considerable financial investments in "eurorepair" and trade equipment. For majority from those, who drove a trading floor to the European kind, innovations made off thereon - at one to want of facilities, other counted up, that a task is executed. But, becoming not worse than other, their shop all, did not become truly modern.

Saturday, 16 November 2013 21:20

Connecting customer display

Connecting to the customer display CashFront:

  • Connect the customer display to the computer
  • Install the device driver if necessary (for displays with a USB device usually installs a virtual com port)
  • Click "Settings" to select the port and set the necessary parameters of COM port
  • Set the desired text encoding device
  • In the Advanced ESC / POS commands, if necessary, enter additional commands, such as code page translation device [ESC | t | 5] (command code page translation for device company Posiflex)
  • Test the device.

Here two arguments in behalf on a command RunAs : Start of appendix with administrative laws allows to limit access to data of appendix. The start of appendix with the registration record of administrator or privileged user allows to use the service of transparent encipherement of files, included in the operating systems of family of Windows NT.


Software development for trade;
Supply of computer equipment with installed software;
Control and accounting systems: scales, bar code scanners, check printers and other commercial equipment.


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