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Thursday, 28 November 2019 14:08

Your cafe in the smartphone

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Want to get the most out of your restaurant, cafe or bar?

Our new CAFE.NET product will help you!

Developed using the latest technology, CAFE.NET application works on all mobile platforms (Android, IOS, Windows), like a regular site, you do not need to install anything on the client device! It is a convenient and modern addition to your classic Menu!

Your visitors open the application on their mobile devices and get the following features online:

  • Personnel call;
  • View menu;
  • Order fulfillment;
  • Customer feedback on the quality of service.

кафе в смартфоне

CAFE.NET provides mediation between the client and the staff of the institution:

  • Identifies a client’s location using a QR code or NFC tag;
  • Sends a notification to the back office "CASHFRONT SB";
  • Informs the customer about the status of the order.

How it works? Everything is very simple and clear for the user. On each table there is a postcard with a QR code or NFC tag.

  • The client connects to a Wi-Fi network;
  • Scans a QR code or NFC tag;
  • The mobile device opens the local CAFE.NET site.

Further, the intuitive CAFE.NET interface will take over the work of the waiter.

Postcard example:

кафе в смартфоне

The application start window, after scanning the code. You can open the menu and make an order, or simply call the waiter:

кафе в смартфоне

After clicking on the "OPEN MENU" button, the selection will open:

кафе в смартфоне

If you select a dish, the dish page opens. We can order a dish, return to the menu and continue the selection:

кафе в смартфоне

After the formation of the order, we proceed, in fact, to the order:

кафе в смартфоне

Confirm the order, the following page opens:

кафе в смартфоне

At the same time, a message appears on the manager’s workplace:

кафе в смартфоне

кафе в смартфоне

The manager accepts the order further on your scheme. And the customer’s order page is updated, and has the status of "Accepted":

кафе в смартфоне

That’s all! The visitor himself made the order!

It is also possible to cancel the order, before confirmation:

кафе в смартфоне

The cancellation page has additional options, you can complain about the quality of service:

кафе в смартфоне

What we have in the end?

  •   Reduction of time to receive customer order;

  •   Establishment actually shifts the task of forming the order to the client device;

  •   Working time saving personnel;

  •   Satisfied customers;

  •   Advantage over competitors.

4099.59 ₴
Delivery time: 24 hours

Application for cafes and restaurants. It is a convenient and modern addition to your classic Menu!

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