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Monday, 25 March 2019 15:42

Import / Export Print Templates

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In the program “CashFront- small business” you can edit printed forms of documents. By default, the most necessary templates are loaded. Templates can be imported / exported.

If you edited templates, be sure to save (export) your own before importing our templates. Templates are replaced, not added!

Templates are presented in two file options: template.xml and template.ini.

Import template.xml do in the program settings: Service-Settings menu. There we select the Templates and click the Import button, in the window that opens, we find the downloaded templates and select, for example, НАКЛАДНА ПРИБУТКОВА.xml

The template will be loaded, then in the right window, you can change the Document name, the default printer (in this case, the document will be printed without prompting you to select a printer).

The field "Document" do not change, this is a binding of the template to the document. Tick ​​Enabled: enables / disables printing of this document.

templates doc 1RU

Import template.ini do in the template editor. To do this, select the desired template, for example, PURCHASE INVOICE, press the Designer button. The editor window will open, for convenience we expand it.

templates doc 3RU

In the File menu, click Import form file, in the window that opens, select the file with the .ini extension, for example, PRYBUTKOVA_NAKLADNA.ini, the new template will be loaded.

templates doc 4

Some fields can be edited, for example, the name of the document. Select in the template the "ПРИБУТКОВА НАКЛАДНА" field, on the right in the toolbar, in the Text field, change the name PURCHASE INVOICE, we get the result. Then in the File menu, save the changes: Save, where you can export your template.

The brackets are <> Do not change, these are system variables.

templates doc 6RU

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