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Tuesday, 17 December 2013 12:17

Selling on of commodities an account

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For shops it is important to have an instrument for selling on of commodities an account. Such instrument will be very useful first of all to the small, so to say "home" shops. That serve the microregion, and many clients you know on the name, and ready sometimes to release to them a commodity in credit. But how to take into account such sales? For this purpose in the program possibility of sale of commodities is realized in credit.

Algorithm of work :

  1. You design selling on an account - a commodity is copied off, money is not credited(written down in credit).
  2. The same sale forms the record of debt on a client.
  3. At payment of credit - a commodity already is not copied off, money is credited as Importation, and the debt of client is copied off.

The mechanism of work below:

1. At the beginning of changing we do Importation of remain of money, put a 10,00 money(that it is easy to see changes).

2. We enter a sale.

3. We enter a client, it is possible отсканировать a disk. map or to enter by hand "left Shift"

4. We choose payment the button F8 "Credit".

5. We pay the check of "Space", the program will ask to confirm selling on an account, we press YES.

6. In a check Client and Payment will be marked: Credit.

7. For payment(closing) of credit, we open a magazine(F4), in him all sales, for comfort of search of necessary client, we press Credits(F7).

8. A list diminished. Up/down we choose a necessary line(there is Peter Petrovich in our example, debt 101,25) pointers. We press Enter.

9. We press Payment(F12), on a standard we will see a calculator, for introduction of sum of payment. ATTENTION! Do not enter the got sum(as usual, for the calculation of handing over). A sum that on a calculator will be written down in payment of credit, if to enter, for example 120, then will turn out that we must(as on a previous picture "Overpayment") already. Therefore we simply press Enter.

10. A credit is closed. In the magazine of sales, in a note we see a not debt, and payment already.

11. The got money is written down as Importation.

12. And in a report for us Importation already a not 10,00 money, and 111,25.

IT IS IMPORTANT! All of it works ONLY with Unfiscal by recorders!


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