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Tuesday, 11 September 2012 17:00

Errors at the use of authorizing of operators

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In-process an error that they assume turned out with clients, and I decided about her to write.
An error is assumed at the use of authorizing of operators(cashiers).
In what her essence we will take apart on an example:
There is a grocery twenty-four-hour store, cashiers pass to each other changing "in motion", a shop is not closed. A cashier, we will name him 1, passes to changing the cashier 2. To it cashier 1 entered the program under the name.
What do they do? Cashier 1 does a Х-отчет, checks up a cashdesk, Z- ку. does whereupon. Cashier 2 counts and accepts a cashdesk, does "importation" of remain of money on changing and goes out the program. Whereupon cashier 2 included in the program already under the name and begins to work. Over time checks up a cashdesk on a Х-отчету and surplus of money reveals for him. We check up what is the matter, and appears, for a cashier 2 there is not importation of remain of money on beginning of changing. And it is correct, because they wrote down importation at transmissions of changing on a cashier 1. When brought in the remain of money in a cashdesk, all became into the places.
Therefore once again I want to remind the rule of the use of authorizing of users.
All actions of cashier(sales, importations, deliveries), during the included authorizing, are written down on him. And if in the program to enter once again under other user, then all actions of FTU will be written down also on him. And each of them will have the importation, sales, deliveries.
Therefore in the program there is a report on operators, that distributes sales for a day on each of cashiers(см.рис.).
Do not forget about it, using authorizing of operators!
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