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Monday, 22 October 2012 17:00

Tuning of interface

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We present new possibilities of the program.

In a menu Service is Tuning is a bookmark Interface, tuning of type of interface is accessible.
2 types of tuning are accessible:

  • Options by default
  • User setting

The user setting is set in a block "Start of the program". For tuning types, color of text and background, are accessible, at what separately for a main form and for tabular part. Except it there is possibility:

  • To hide/to distinguish a main menu
  • To hide a panel with the buttons(at aiming of cursor to the panel, she appears)
  • To destroy icons in a menu or no.

Separately about a function to define "Size of main form a type". This option it is good to apply, if in Your check many positions and in a standard window a check fully is not placed. If to set a little type, then in a table there will be more lines and a large check will be placed in her.
The user setting it always easily to abolish, simply pressing on one of the buttons of standard options.
Warning: not all types befit for replacement, therefore if something will malfunction, will simply change a type.
Line of greeting: arbitrary inscription that is represented in the main window of the program, it can be, for example: the name of Your shop.

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