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Wednesday, 04 December 2013 16:18

Configuration 1C: 7.7 "Trade + Warehouse for Ukraine" v.3.5

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Common description

Demo- configuration of 1С : 7.7 "Trade and Storage" are intended for demonstration and updating of existent configurations for the use of exchange data between ON "CashFront v3.5" and 1С: 7.7 "Trade and Storage".

In this configuration next possibilities are realized:

  • Exchange by data with ON "CashFront v3.5" on a local network
  • Exchange by data with remote POE "CashFront v3.5" through FTP is a server
  • Mechanism of дисконных maps with progressive or static discounts
  • AppWizard of discount maps and printing штрих-кода
  • Unloading of discount maps in/with ON "CashFront v3.5"
  • Synchronization and adjustment of bits and pieces in ON "CashFront v3.5"
  • Loading of sales on cotter pins from ON "CashFront.v.3.5"

Tuning for an exchange data

1. Tuning of reference book ЭККА. In a reference book ЭККА it is necessary to influence the parameters of initialising.

Parameters of initialising :

НДС20 is a number of tax group of commodities of taxable on a basic rate VATS.

НДС0 is a number of tax group for the commodities of taxable on a favourable rate VATS.

БЕЗНДС is a number of tax group for the commodities of not taxable VATS.

A host is the network directory of synchronization, of computer on that CashFront is set name.

*the catalogue of synchronization is specified in tuning of "CashFront " and must specify on a the same catalogue in the parameter of Хост, for example \\Kasa1\DATA.

In case of the use of remote exchange through ФТП server:

Parameter Value Note
Host FTP Flag of exchange on ФТП, line of «FTP»
URL *my.url.com Address of FTP of server
DIR *mydir Directory on FTP
LOG *This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Login of authorizing
PSW *mypass Password of entrance

* instead of invented значений- to put real.

2. Tuning of reference book is the "Bank accounts". For loading of sales from ON "CashFront.v.3.5" in a reference book the "Bank accounts" are necessary to be created three elements(cashdesks, flag a "non-cash account" is taken off ), with the names:

"FISCAL": for downloading of sales from a fiscal recorder

"PRINTER": for downloading of sales from printing of check takes place on ESC/POS

"ERROR": for downloading of problem sales from the sign of error.

On belonging of account to the firm, it will be the corresponding value of proprietor is put in the document of "ЧекКА"

3. Tuning of reference books is a "nomenclature" and "discount maps". СashFront uses limitations for the calculation of discounts on a commodity, this limitation is expressed in the percents of maximal discount on every commodity, that is certain in a directory entry "nomenclature" (commodities). At a zero value a discount on this commodity does not come true. To involve the mechanism of discounts it is needed to define limitation of maximal discount for every commodity.

At loading of sales information about a discount is carried in the document of "ЧекКА" and after his realization accumulates in a reference book "Discounts".

Except it it is necessary in a reference book "nomenclature", for every commodity to set the sign of recorder. For plenty of commodity, use the batch-processing of reference books.

Working as with an exchange data.

1.Выгрузка commodities in CashFront. Меню "Service-exchange by data with ON CashFront" is Operation "Сторнировать bits" and pieces, loading of commodities and their bits and pieces is here executed, is used at the beginning of work. In future commodities with bits and pieces unload from a document "moving".

2. Unloading of discounts. Operation to "Unload discounts". This treatment can be caused straight from a reference book "Discounts".

3. Loading of sales from CashFront. Operation to "Load sales", all cotter pins are loaded in the magazine of cotter "Pin".

4. Updating of prices is in CashFront. Operation to "Renew prices" is used in case of change of price.

In addition, operation "Сторнировать bits" and pieces executes synchronization of bits and pieces in CashFront with1С :ТиС. Therefore before сторнированием, it is NECESSARILY necessary to load sales.

Advice: Use сторнирование for the primary filling of CashFront and taking of inventory.

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