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Friday, 22 November 2013 14:51

Use of CashFront with 1С

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The program CashFront can be used practically on any enterprise of trade and sphere of service(shops are food and economic, pharmacies, cafe and restaurants, hotels) due to that she is an independent product.She can be used both independently and together with1С :Предприятие 7.7 or 1С :Предприятие 8.1

You register in 1С:, then you need from a page "Loading" to get suitable to you treatment for 1С.

The use of1С :Предприятия gives an opportunity to conduct a количественно-суммовой account in a shop, here commodities are taken into account on storage and in the book-keeping of trade organization and on an amount in natural units, and on a cost monetary. In such cases control of bits and pieces of commodities does not cause problems. The producers of commodities inflict on packing commodity labels or on a commodity stroke-code, that carries in itself information about a country-manufacturer or salesman of products, enterprise-manufacturer and about descriptions of commodity(name, sizes etc.). At entering of commodities shop information about their name, distinguishers, amount and purchase price is written down in a database by means of sweepable device. In default of штрих-кодов producer information is brought by hand, an internal code is appropriated a commodity. At an offtake information the same way is added to the database. A customer produces the bought commodity to the cashier, given about that read by means of scintiscanner. Thus the name, amount, price and cost of the sold commodity on the suggested retail prices, push through on a control-cash check. Such check is an analogue of commodity invoice. On the basis of data about the names and amount of the sold commodity by information is a computer method formed about the cost of the sold commodity in purchase prices.

1С :Предприятие 7.7

CashFront software is fully integrated with1С :Предприятие 7.7 "Trade+Storage", that is tested by time and successfully used by plenty of enterprises. A working seating capacity is unlimited. As ON CashFront uses in the work an exchange by data as ordinary text files, on an equipment for organization of enterprise no specific requirements are laid on, sufficiently that it satisfied the set problem: 1С worked on a server, on the client machines of CashFront, a local network skipped 100 M/ss. In addition, maybe also exchange by data by means of removable carriers, INTERNET etc.

Integration is conducted by means of treatment "Service ЭККА: СFornt", this treatment adds to configuration 1С :Предприятие "Trade +storage":

it is Treatment of unloading of the Articles : unloads from 1С in CashFront a reference book "Nomenclature"
it is Treatment of unloading of Discounts : possibility of input in the shop of the discount programs.
it is Report КА: receipt of report on sales from CashFront, as an expense document.

1С :Предприятие 8.1

Use of configuration of1С :Предприятие 8.1 "Management by trade for Ukraine" together with CashFront software gives an opportunity to apply all power of modern commodity account of 1С, use the most perfect analyses and reports in this area, that will allow maximally effectively to manage processes in trade.

For realization of this mechanism treatment is intended "Server for an exchange by data with ON CashFront". This treatment is intended for organization of exchange data between workplaces with set POE CashFront(by cashdesks) and configuration of 1С : 8.1 "Management by trade for Ukraine". Treatment supports realization of account of discounts on discount maps, and contains an evident interface for a package exchange by information with cashdesks.Treatment is oriented to the use in a shop with the locally set server(1С:) * and connection with cashdesks by means of LAN or Wi - Fi .

*Under a server(1С:) a computer on that 1С is set is implied: 8.1 "Management by trade for Ukraine".

Treatment realizes next operations:

- Verification of connection of all cashdesks
- Unloading of the articles for all cashdesks
- Unloading of discount maps
it is the Operative report on sales(Х-отчет)
- Loading of report on the sold commodities, returns and discounts in a document "Report on retails"(Closing of changing)

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