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Monday, 04 November 2013 00:00

Recommendations at forming of discounts

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CashFront is worked out on numerous wishes and recommendations of our clients. We tried to unite these requirements in one system accessible to all clients. Thus we maximally try to support compatibility of program versions. However large functionality of the program carries a certain danger at the thoughtless use.

Therefore we recommend carefully to think over Your actions with discounts and their further development. Any discount must be effective for bringing in of customers from one side, and economically advantageous, on the other hand, for this purpose try beforehand to present all benefits and losses arrived.

All discounts can be conditionally divided into two groups: distributed  and special.

  • To the distributed discounts discounts behave on all fact of sale( discount maps, bonuses, discounts on a sale), sum of discount as an eventual result of discount is distributed on commodity positions.
  • The special operate on строго- certain position(article) and does not participate in distribution of discount. Therefore the special discounts have greater priority above up-diffused.

For successful application of discounts it is necessary to give necessary space for distribution of general discounts(to propose the limits of discounts on the articles). The structure of discounts allows to define many terms of grant of discount, set the temporal intervals of discounts, set the analysis of sum or amount, propose the absolute or percent value of discount.  It is thus needed aims that a discount and her terms did not conflict with good sense, and to check up an action(to design) discount in practice.

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