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Thursday, 20 September 2012 17:00

Maximum discount

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Quite often users to file complaints that are not working.
When we begin to understand what it is, is that we forget to put the maximum prices for the commodity.
This value is set on the item card, the editor of the code (see Figure).

If the value " 0", no discounts for this product will not be given .
What is it for ? Look at an example .
In each one of us is:
Product 1 - margin trading which has only 10 %, respectively maks.skidku put to him , say 5%.
Product 2 - 40 % mark-up here , can supply max . 20% discount.
Now imagine that the buyer wants to buy both products and it has a discount card with 20% discount . At the checkout we collect a check , enter the discount card program and gives a discount as follows: the product of 2 - 20% ( disk.karte ) , and items 1 - only 5 % (because we set a limit on the maks.skidku ) .
So we protect against accidental sale of goods cheaper cost.
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