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Thursday, 12 January 2017 06:02

Printing in COM-port

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Use of the mode of the direct printing in port of printer "Printing in SHEAT-FISH port"

This option allows to send on printing text passing a printer driver, i.e. a printer driver in general is not set. It allows to go round some moments constrained with the use of drivers of printers : setting of printer is simplified - so, for, connections of device simply enough to connect him in SHEAT-FISH port, or to set the driver of port, if a printer is used with the interface of USB; documents are not placed in the turn of printing of Windows and there is not control of errors of printing, that positively affects on stability and productivity of the system on the whole. For comfort of tuning from a right side the button "Parameters", that allows the отконфигурировать parameters of port, is placed, not calling at controller of devices Windows.

All higher said really for ESC/POS printers that use protocol of Epson. If you wish to use this mode for the printer set before, then you must delete a printer driver, to free port of device. The program supports the modes of code of Win 1251 and IBM866, including transmission of all ESC of commands on a printer.

Disconnecting of the higher indicated option, vice versa, translates printing in a printer that must be preliminary set and отконфигурирован in the system driver. Control of errors of printing and apartment of documents in the turn of printing take place standard, because it is certain the operating system.

Use of POS - printer gives certain advantages before the default devices of printing. As a rule, in POS printer, printing takes place on термо-ленту, that considerably abbreviates running expenses to work of the system, for comfort автообрезчик of ribbon and socket is envisaged on connection of money box, ESC/POS - printing possesses high-rate of work, and allows on a maximum to use the functions of device of printing, but difficulties are here possible in practical realization.

For the use of this function in a device( ESC/POS protocol ), her it is preliminary necessary to activate(to include) . on some models it can do it by means of the special utility of configuring of printer(usually included in delivery together with a driver ) or set necessary combination of bridges or switches on a printer. In any case it is necessary carefully will become familiar with guidance on exploitation of device. The parameters of commands of ESC/POS are also different protocol, with them it is possible will become familiar in instruction to the device.

Controlling the current tuning of устойства is possible so:

  1. We will turn off a printer,
  2. To push the button протяжки of ribbon(Feed),
  3. We will include a printer at pushed-pushed button,
  4. After one second we release the button.

A printer must print information about the configuration. At the included ESC protocol must the line of type " of ESC will appear - t enabled".

Cashfront supports the commands of type :[ a command and parameters consist in square brackets ], with any set of parameters divide a symbol "|". For example, return instruction to the standard tuning of ESC @ will be looks so: [ESC|@] . Commands can be inserted in any place of check(the syntax of commands is pointed for the printer of DATEKS EP 60 ).

A full list of commands can be downloaded in the "Download" section, search there: "ESC-POS protocol for POS printers EPSON" and "Help on ESC-POS commands for POS printers".

Format of the supported commands of Cashfront :








Insertion of commands in the body of check :

Beginning of check :

[GS|v|0] it is printing of logotype

[ESC|t|15]it is translation of code page in 1251RU

[ESC|%|0] -выделение by the bold face font of heading


[ESC|%|1] it is abolition of bolding

Line of check :

[ESC|M|1] -Установим little type

x < to in>

price: < price > sum < sum >

[ESC|M|0] - we will Return in a normal type etc.

For the general commands of printing of reports and checks envisaged two additional fields

[ESC] are commands to beginning of check

[ESC] are commands after completion of check

These commands operate as at printing of check so in reports( Importation-bearing-out-report on operations, Z- report). Sometimes after determination of commands a printer loses the sequence of their implementation, for example trimming of ribbon takes place at the beginning of check, it is corrected by a shutdown and including of printer.

For tuning of printing of check a bookmark is envisaged in form program "ESC/POS printer" setting where tinctures of printing are for unfiscal sales and reports. In This form it maybe to edit original appearance of check if necessary. Some tuning, as for example a type or printing of logotype is accessible for a choice only in the mode of printing of Windows, how analogical options in POS- protocol determined by commands.

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