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Tuesday, 19 November 2013 03:18

Formatting of check(tuning of printing)

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For tuning of original appearance of check three fields are used formatting, divided into a cap, body, and bottom of check. In the fields used:

  • Plaintext that will be shown out on printing.
  • The formatted values are in the brackets &of lt; parameter &of gt;, values that is put. Например- sum or name of commodity.
  • Command ESC/POS prisoners in square brackets, for example: [LF] -(command of run-out of null string).

All values can be accommodated in the arbitrary place of the field. For every field parameters are certain in angular brackets. Length of line between brackets determines length(amount of symbols of suckdown parameter), position of the first blank of -выравнивание on the right or on the left. < sum&of gt; -будет is equalized on the right, <number &of gt; it will be equalized on the left.

Determinations of substitutions(values) for the field "Beginning of check" : formatting on the left

     <date        >  -  Date and time of check. For a copy contains the number of check yet

     <time      >  -  current system time

     <number      >  -  number of check

     <operator >  -  Operator

     <order       >  -  Line, identifier of order

     <payment     >  -  Type of payment, credit card, cash

     <client     >  -  the name of client is in a discount map

     <discount     >  -  a percent of discount is in a discount map

     <operation >  -  type of operation, a sale/ is a return

Determinations of substitutions(values) for the field "Line of check" :

      <ном>           - a number of position is in a check

     <код>           - internal code of commodity

     <наименование > - the name of commodity + is the name of unit

     <цена>          - cost of commodity

     <к_во>          - amount of commodity

     <сумма>         - sum on a line

     <скидка>        - discount on a line

     <касса>         - type of cashdesk

     <н_г>            - tax group

     <м_с>            - maximal discount

     <штрих_код> - штрих-код товара

Determinations of substitutions(values) for the field "Completion of check" : formatting on the right

     <    поз_сумма>  - Sum unfiscal

     <   фиск_сумма>  - Sum fiscal

     < скидка_сумма>  - Sum of discount

     <  получ_сумма>  - It is got from a customer

     <    опл_сумма>   - Sum to payment

     <        сдача>     - Handing over

IT IS IMPORTANT! Application of symbols is shut out  [   ]   |   <   >  in text of check and names of the articles.

In form tuning two buttons of filling of template of check are envisaged, after pressure on the corresponding button edit a template at own discretion. Not necessarily to destroy all values of substitutions, leave only necessary. Controlling implementation of printing is possible the button "Test of printing".

Use the types of type of "Courier New" for smoothing of blanks in tables.

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