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About tuning

About tuning

Thursday, 12 January 2017 06:02

Printing in COM-port

Use of the mode of the direct printing in port of printer "Printing in SHEAT-FISH port"

This option allows to send on printing text passing a printer driver, i.e. a printer driver in general is not set. It allows to go round some moments constrained with the use of drivers of printers : setting of printer is simplified - so, for, connections of device simply enough to connect him in SHEAT-FISH port, or to set the driver of port, if a printer is used with the interface of USB; documents are not placed in the turn of printing of Windows and there is not control of errors of printing, that positively affects on stability and productivity of the system on the whole. For comfort of tuning from a right side the button "Parameters", that allows the отконфигурировать parameters of port, is placed, not calling at controller of devices Windows.

Since a version in П.О. Cashfront is possible the use of template from a file *.RTF(Rich Text Format), created in MS WorldPad and user formatted in accordance with a desire. For an information transfer in the printed form next lines that will be transferable corresponding values from the program are used:

Sunday, 19 January 2014 10:11

Additional menu "Run"

In some cases, when the system load is applied as a coating Cashfront Windows (Explorer replacement desktop, ie nothing but the program is not available), there is the need to run additional programs.

Friday, 22 November 2013 15:38

Setting weights "Mettler Toledo"

Description of tuning and connection to CаshFront.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013 03:18

Formatting of check(tuning of printing)

For tuning of original appearance of check three fields are used formatting,  divided into a cap, body, and bottom of check. In the fields used:

Plaintext that will be shown out on printing.

The formatted values are in brackets < parameter >, values that is put. Например- sum or name of commodity.

Command ESC/POS prisoners in square brackets, for example: [LF] -(command of run-out of null string).

All values can be accommodated in the arbitrary place of the field. For every field parameters are certain in angular brackets. Length of line between brackets determines length(amount of symbols of suckdown parameter), position of the first blank of -выравнивание on the right or on the left. <  sum> -будет is equalized on the right,  <number > it will be equalized on the left.

Thursday, 31 October 2013 18:00

Limitation of rights is in CashFront

Setting of appendix of CashFront for an user with limit rights.

Here two arguments in behalf on a command RunAs :

  • The start of appendix with administrative laws allows to limit access to data of appendix
  • The start of appendix with the registration record of administrator or privileged user allows to use the service of transparent encipherement of files, included in the operating systems of family of Windows NT.


Software development for trade;
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