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CASHFRONT- Программы для торговли
Trading software

Development and implementation of software for trade.
Automated control systems for production processes.
Our software:

CASHFRONT- фронт-офис кассира
«CASHFRONT - cashier front office»
The program for the organization of the workplace of the cashier
  • Intuitive interface designed for fast customer service;
  • Interface buttons are adapted for use on touch monitors;
  • Support for a wide range of commercial equipment;
  • Universal system of discounts ...

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CASHFRONT- small business
«CASHFRONT- small business»
Small business accounting software
  • Complete accounting of your business: movement of goods, mutual settlements, accounting of funds, several currencies;
  • Support for all types of commercial equipment, including bank terminals;
  • The use of several types of prices, plus a system of discounts, allows you to trade both wholesale and retail;
  • Import / Export, data exchange;
  • Record Keeping for Multiple Firms ...

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«Automated system of accepting payments for parking»
Acceptance of payment for parking is carried out with paper banknotes, coins or bank cards.
The parking meter has an intuitive interface. The payment process is displayed on a liquid crystal display.

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software  .CASHFRONT

«CASHFRONT- front office cashier»

  • An affordable solution for automating your business
    The CASHFRONT program is a platform independent product and does not require additional expensive licenses to support the work (1C, SQL Server, Oracle, etc.)
    Fair value combined with simple maintenance will save your money for implementation and operation of the system. Transparent and understandable work of the program is guaranteed you will get rid of "irreplaceable people".
  • Easy to learn application
    It has an intuitive interface, specially designed for fast customer service. Modern design and ergonomics.
    Performing operations without the help of a mouse reduces the trading process to a minimum of unnecessary operations. Informative interface provides training of personnel to work with the program in a matter of minutes, all this together, will ensure the fastest process of system implementation.
  • A reliable solution
    Autonomous operation of the cash register allows sales and storage of data even in the event of failures in network equipment, normal operation is restored immediately after the problem is eliminated.
    The transfer of information is possible both in the OFF-line mode and ON-Line, while the application uses a regular file server and is not dependent on other programs. Only standard Windows file system read-write functions are used, this makes it possible to reduce the number of failures to a minimum.
  • Functionality
    The program provides information on the operations carried out, the data structure of the program gives the maximum performance for any sales volume.
    POS-systems, based on CASHFRONT, can easily be combined into a software package with a unified product base and discount cards over a local network or the Internet. Quantitative accounting will provide information about the remains of goods, automates the inventory process.
  • Support for a wide range of commercial equipment
    Fiscal registrars and any POS printers.
    Ordinary printers, bar code scanners, recognition of a weighted product and its weight by barcode on a label generated by weights with label printing.
    Connecting and working with trading scales .
    All this does not limit you in the choice of additional equipment.
  • Saving
    It is possible to make sales in one workplace from different enterprises, for example, a company paying VAT and an entrepreneur. For this purpose, a fiscal registrar and a check printer are installed on one cash register, and depending on the feature of the article, sales are recorded in different registrars.
    This allows you to save considerably on equipment, use the area of the trading floor rationally, and reduce staff costs.
  • Universal system of discounts
    We are pleased to offer our users a system of discounts, which the user himself determines, using almost unlimited possibilities of our program.
    It is possible to set up any discount in sum, time of day, day of week, product, card.
    For example, you can set such conditions:
    sell a certain product on Saturdays from 18-00 to 20-00 with a 10% discount.

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«CASHFRONT- small business»

  • Accounting software for small business
    The program "CASHFRONT-small business" can be successfully used both by shops and trading companies in retail and wholesale trade.
    The program keeps a complete record of the turnover of goods and money, mutual settlements with buyers and suppliers. Reports, catalogs, journals, everything is done as simple as possible, but with the necessary functionality, for the successful record keeping in the enterprise.
  • Universalism
    With the help of flexible user access settings, the program can work as an accounting, or as a cash register, or make a "director" interface, which needs only to view reports.
    And all this in one program, on one computer, just run several instances program, and enter under different users. In the network version, of course, each computer performs its role, the cash-cash program, the computer manager, the accounting program, etc.
  • Functionality
    Strict binding of all your equipment (printers, scanners, cash registers, scales, etc.) - computer / user, gives you the opportunity to clearly delineate the functional duties of your staff.
    For example: if you do not give the manager the right to receive payment by waybill (this makes the cashier), then his button "Payment" will not be active, and he will not be able to "pay" the waybill.
  • Support of any trading equipment
    The program supports any type of trading equipment known at the moment.
    It is fiscal registrars, any POS printers, conventional printers, bar code scanners, electronic trading scales with label printing and with direct weight transfer to the program.
    Including work with bank terminals for accepting payments from plastic cards.
    All this does not limit you in choosing additional equipment.
  • Import/Export, exchange of data
    The program provides the requested functionality for importing / exporting the reference books of goods and counteragents into a standard xml file. With its help, you can easily exchange the catalog of goods without any problems, upload it to your site, etc.
    With the help of data exchange it is possible to organize the joint work of territorially remote units of your company (to unload sales from the store to the office).
  • Discount system
    CashFront already traditionally offers a universal system of discounts. The discount can be given to the customer or the goods.
    It is possible to set up any conditions of the discount, in total, time of day, day of the week.
    For example, you can set such conditions:
    sell a certain product on Saturdays from 18-00 to 20-00 with a 10% discount.
  • Accounting for several companies
    In the program it is possible to keep records on several companies, for this purpose several warehouses and cash registers are created and are attached in the settings to the employees of this or that firm, this is if the goods and customer catalogs are the same for both firms. Otherwise, you can create more one, two, as many databases as you like, and just choose the right one when logging in.

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download CASHFRONT  .test now

CashFront- front-office cashier

CashFront- front-office cashier

CASHFRONT, functioning in the demo mode allows you to perform all the settings and completely test all possible uses.
Demo mode limits the number of used items and discount cards to 10 titles.
To switch to full-featured work, it is enough just to activate the license.

CashFront- small business

CashFront- small business

CASHFRONT, functioning in the test mode has no limitations and allows you to perform all the settings and completely test all possible uses.
The test period is provided for 30 days.
To switch to full-featured work, it is enough just to activate the license.



CashFront- front-office cashier

The license for one workplace.
The term of the license is unlimited.
With a simultaneous purchase of three licenses, a 10% discount is granted.

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CashFront- small business CE

Version Compact Edition for use with a local database in exclusive mode on-line.

Licensing terms and prices.

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CashFront- small business SQL

Network version of SQL for working with a common database in off-line mode, for one workplace.

Licensing terms and prices.

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Updates of CashFront programs within the release are free, transition to a new release (from version 3.x.x on 4.x.x) 50% of the cost of the program.

Automated  .CashFront systems

Automated control systems for production processes.


Automated systems for organizing car parking.



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Software development for trade;
Supply of computer equipment with installed software;
Control and accounting systems: scales, bar code scanners, check printers and other commercial equipment.


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